Audible, an audiobook store owned by Amazon, collects the world’s largest selection of audiobooks and original audio shows. Once purchased, you can download audiobooks from Audible and listen to them on the device of your choice.

But it’s a little tricky when it comes to sharing Audible books, as they are protected by DRM. In this article, we will explore how to share Audible books with family, friends, or someone else so they don’t have to buy audiobooks repeatedly.

#1. Share Audible Books by Removing DRM

Epubor Audible Converter is regarded as one of the best DRM removal software for Audible books because it offers good value for its price. By applying an advanced DRM decryption function and unique technique, it lets you convert the encrypted AA/AAX to MP3 and M4B in a fraction of seconds. After the conversion, you can easily share audible books with others for free and without limitation.

How to Share Audible Books on Mac and Windows:

Step 1. Download and install Epubor Audible Converter on your device, and next open it.

Free Download for Mac
Free Download for Win

Step 2. Simply drag the DRM protected Audible books you want to share into the panel of the software. Alternatively, you can click the “Add” button in the top middle to import files.

epubor interface

The Audible books will be listed with the book title, time, author, and book-length.

Step 3. Click on the “Convert to MP3” button (or choose “Convert to M4B” as instead) to remove DRM from Audible books. All the files can be processed in batches.

remove drm from audible books

Once completed, the folder in which the converted audiobooks are stored will pop up automatically. The whole process doesn’t ask for iTunes to run and Audible account to log in.

Step 4. Share your DRM-free Audible books with friends or children via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Useful tip: split Audible books into chapters

Epubor Audible Converter ensures you to share Audible books with chapters. After you add audiobooks into the software, click the “Option” button. Choose “Split by chapters” and click on “OK”. It also allows you to split Audible books into multiple segments averagely or by time.

split chapters

The split feature is only accessible for the paid ones.

#2. Share Audible Audiobooks via Amazon Household

Amazon Household is a feature that helps you share apps/games, eBooks and audiobooks. It was being abused and overshared before, thus since 2015, Amazon established some restrictions to avoid excessive sharing.

Limitations of an Amazon Household account:

  • Includes up to 10 members: 2 adults, 4 teens (13 to 17 years old), and 4 kids (12 and younger)
  • Two adults must have their own Amazon account
  • Can only share Audible books with another adult member
  • Each member needs to be in the same region/country
  • Share wallets for sharing digital content and choosing Prime benefits
  • Although you’ve left Amazon household, you can’t join a new one for the next 180 days

Steps to Share Audible Books with Family or Friends (for adults):

Step 1. Visit and sign in to your account.

Step 2. From its homepage, click “Manage Your Content and Devices” at the bottom.

manage your content and devices

Step 3. Head towards the ” Preferences” > “Households and Family Library” > “Learn more about Households”.

learn more about Households

Step 4. On the new page, click the “Add Adult” button to invite someone.

add adult

Step 5. Go to set country > enter the name and email > click “Agree and continue” > select the options you want to share, such as “audiobooks” and then click “Continue> send your invitation (should be accepted with 14 days).

choose sharing options

Step 6. Tell the invitee to verify the account and accept the proposal.

Step 7. Start to create your family library. Go to your family library page >choose the Audible books > tap on “Add to Library” to share them.

Steps to Show Shared Audiobooks on Portable Device:

Step 1. Repeat the first two steps above.

Step 2. Head to the “Device” tab.

Step 3. Click the triple dots button next to the device you intend to share audiobooks.

Step 4. Put a tick mark into the checkbox “Show [Name]’s Content”.

show shared audiobooks on portable device

#3. Share Audible Books through the Audible App

The “Send this Book” feature in the Audible app empowers Audible members to share a purchased audiobook with a totally of 10 people on iOS/Android/Windows 10. But each recipient can only get the first title for free. Audible will pay author or publisher for the free-shared audiobook.

How to Share Audible Books on iOS:

Step 1. Launch Audible app on iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Go to your library and tap the three dots icon next to the audiobook title you wish to share. Or navigate to the player page, and tap the share icon at the top of the screenshot. Or directly visit the rate and review page.

Step 3. Tap “Send this Book” option on the pop-up menu.

Step 4. Choose to share Audible books with family or friends via Mail, Message, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 5. Select recipients you would like to send the audiobooks to.

Step 6. Tap “Send”.

share audible books ios

How to Share Audible Books on Android:

Step 1. Run the Audible app on your Android phone.

Step 2. From “My Library” (no matter in the “Cloud” tab or the “Device” tab), tap the vertical ellipsis icon next to the Audible book you desire to send.

Step 3. Tap “Send this Book” from the pop-up dialog.

Step 4. Picking a sending method.

share audible books android 01

But different Android systems and versions of the Audible app will present different options. Sometimes, you may not find the “Send this Book” option on your Android phone. Don’t worry! You still have the other two ways (similar to iPhone) to share Audible Books.

Way one: tap “Play” > tap the share icon > tap “Share Progress > choose a sharing method.

share audible books android 02

Way two: tap “Rate and Review” > tap “Share” > share your audiobooks via an app.

share audible books android 03

#4. Share Audible Account with Someone

You can share your Audible account with your family or friends so they are able to log into your account on various devices and get your Audible books. The audiobooks can be downloaded on up to 3 devices, including Apple devices, Android devices, Kindles, Sandisk MP3 Players, Garmin & TomTom GPS devices, etc. Plus, you can activate your Audible account on up to 4 computers, Mac and Windows included.

Nevertheless, it has certain downsides to share Audible books by signing into one account on multiple devices. When you are listening to the same Audible book with family or friends, it will tell you where others are each time you play or pause the audiobook and ask if you need to jump to that location.

Make sure your account is shared only with people you trust and know well because they can see your account ’s privacy and payment option.


These are 4 solutions on how to share Audible books with family or friends. All of them have pros and cons. Time and money are vital factors in picking a solution. Personally speaking, I prefer removing DRM of the audiobooks first and then share them with anyone without restrictions. I highly recommend Epubor Audible Converter, which is easy-to-use, affordable and makes things efficient.

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