Before uploading a personal video to YouTube or other social platforms, we want to crop it to make sure there are no unwanted parts appear and we want it professional looking. For this, today we will focus on video cropping, listing you 8 best video cropping software to customize your videos, there are high quality tools, also best free video cropping software with no watermark added.

Best Video Cropping Software for 2020

Filmora, with its growing fame in the field of multimedia kits, has become one of the hottest video editing software in 2020. Being a powerful and all-rounded video editor, it surely includes the feature to crop various formats of videos, and in a professional way. It is both available on macOS and Windows. Now, let’s dive in to find out why Filmora ranks top on a list of best video cropping software.

Main Features of Filmora

  • Basic editing tools: rotate, merge, trim, split, crop, flip and stabilize videos;
  • Drag and drop workflow for easy editing;
  • Add preset motions to customize your image or video;
  • Add music and sound effects;
  • Build in video effects;
  • Add titles;
  • Download media online;
  • Burn video to DVD;
  • Export video to different formats;
  • Upload video to YouTube or others;
  • Record video;

How to Use The Best Video Cropping Software?

  1. Download and install Filmora to your Mac or Windows PC;
    Free Download Windows Filmora
    Free Download Mac Filmora
  2. Drag and drop your video for import, then drag to the Timeline;best video cropping 01
  3. Find the Crop tool as following;best video cropping 02
  4. Then adjust the settings in the Crop Window and crop as needed;best video cropping 03
  5. Lastly, go to File>Save to store the cropped video on your Mac or Windows PC.

Runner-up: Movavi Video Editor

If you want more options besides Filmora, Movavi Video Editor is a runner-up. In fact, most of the video cropping software share the same features, what differentiate from each other is its library to offer cool and innovative elements to decorate your videos, obviously, Movavi Video Editor is doing good on this point. Also, it is available on macOS and Windows.

Main Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Basic editing tools: rotate, trim, crop, pan& zoom, etc.;
  • Add filters/transitions/titles/stickers/callout
  • Stabilize videos;
  • Record video;
  • Record and edit audio;
  • Export video to differ video or audio formats;
  • Upload videos to YouTube or other platforms;
  • Auto-create videos with ready-made templates or media files;
  • Record video;

How to Use Movavi Cropping Software?

  1. Download and install Movavi Cropping Software to your mac or windows;
    Free Download Movavi for Windows
    Free Download Movavi for Mac
  2. Import your video to the program, then drag and drop to the Timeline for editing; best video cropping software movavi
  3. Then click on the Crop button, crop your video as needed;movavi cropping software
  4. Once ready, click Export to Save as or directly save the cropped video;

Best Free Video Cropping Software for Mac (No Watermark)

Paid video cropping software makes a video editing job easy and closely to perfect with its rich features. But if you want a free video cropping software that can do the job without adding a watermark, there are options.

For mac users, the best free video cropping software is macOS bundled iMovie, before switching to Filmora, I am a 3-year user of iMovie, it is free and can basically meet all my video editing needs back then.

iMovie also offers a list of features:

  • Basic editing tools: adjust color, trim, enhance, crop, split, stabilize, etc.;
  • Add filter, effect, background, transition, title, audio, etc,;
  • Share to YouTube or other platforms;
  • Offer different themes of templates;

How to Crop Videos on Mac Free without Watermark?

  1. Run iMovie;
  2. Drag and drop video to Timeline;mac cropping video software01
  3. Click on the Crop button here;mac cropping video software02
  4. Then choose a cropping option;mac cropping video software
  5. Once ready, go to File>Share>File.

Best Free Video Cropping Software for Windows (No Watermark)

I understand that many users pick Windows Movie Maker as the best free Windows video cropping software with no watermark, however, we have to realize the fact that Window Movie Maker is not available in Windows latest version, that means many Windows users are not allowed to utilize this tool. Therefore, here we give another option—Free Crop Video.

It is a one-feature Windows program designed to crop videos only, it is 100% free and offline, lightweight and easy to use.

How to Crop Videos on Windows without Watermark?

  1. Download and install Free Crop Video;
  2. Click “+” button to import video for cropping;windows video cropping software
  3. Adjust the cropping settings, once ready, click OK to save the cropped video onto your windows video cropping software02

Best Online Free Video Cropping Software

For users who seek solutions to crop videos online free, here are 4 options. Each has its disadvantages or advantages, you can refer to the details as following.

#1 EZGIF Video Cropping (No Watermark)

EZGIF ranks top in the online free video editing services, it is mainly designed to edit animated Gifs, but it does more. It enables users to make and convert Gifs, also allows users to edit their videos easily, including but not limited to rotate, resize, reverse, cut, crop, mute, add subtitles.


  • Max file size: 100MB;
  • Take time to upload and crop videos online;
  • Video quality is lost in the output file;

Steps to Crop Videos Online Free with EZGIF

  1. Go to, choose Crop Video;ezgif crop video 01
  2. Upload your video to EZGIF;
  3. Then adjust the cropping settings and click Crop video;ezgif crop video 02
  4. Save the cropped video to your mac or windows pc.ezgif crop video 03

#2 Online Video Cutter (No Watermark)

It is extremely easy to crop videos on this platform, you are allowed to crop videos from local folder, Dropbox, Google Drive, even via URL. It provides options to crop with aspect ratio or customize yourself. Also, it allows you to choose different video quality.


  • Take time to upload and crop videos;
  • Large size of cropped video output;
  • Sacrifice original video quality;

Steps to Crop Video Online Free with Online Video Cutter

  1. Go to Online Video Cutter;
  2. Drag and drop video;
  3. Click on Crop button and choose cropping settings;
  4. Then save the cropped video to your video cutter

#3 Kapwing Video Cropping (No Watermark)

Kapwing is an online video editor with user-friendly interface, it offers rich features to decorate your videos. On cropping, one thing separate it from other online video cropping services is that it helps users to choose the suitable cropping option, basing on their need, to upload to YouTube, Instagram or others. Yet, it requires a sign-in with Google or Facebook to download the cropped video.


  • Take time to upload and crop video;
  • Require sign-in to download cropped video;
  • Large size of cropped video output;

Steps to Crop Video Online Free with Kapwing

  1. Go to Kapwing editor;
  2. Drag and drop the video to the program;
  3. Click Crop and choose a cropping option;kapwing video cropping
  4. Click Done Cropping;
  5. Sign in to download the cropped video;

#4 Media Video Cropping

The last one on the online free video cropping list is Media Crop Video. The reason why I put this at the end of the list is for its slow cropping, it takes quite a long time to process the cropping, but at least, it does helps on video cropping.


  • Very slow to upload and crop video;
  • Video quality is lost in the cropped video output;

Steps to Crop Video Online Free with Media

  1. Go to Media Crop Video;
  2. Drag and drop video for cropping, choose a cropping option;media crop video
  3. Then click “Start” to crop your video;
  4. Download the cropped video to your computer;


As you can see, the online free video cropping tools all take a relatively long time to crop videos, also, there are all kinds of limitations, like file size, video length, sign-in registration. And that’s the reason why so many users finally pick a paid and professional video cropping software to do the job, in addition, such a professional video tool enables users to do more, making your videos as beautiful as you can imagine.

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