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Top 9 Best VFX Visual Effects Software for Beginners and Pros

Here’s a list of the best visual effects software for beginners and professionals, including paid and free ones.

Visual effects (or VFX) is the process of creating and manipulating computer-generated imagery. VFX is already an important part of filmmaking and is becoming more and more important these days. There are several types of visual effects such as modeling, animation, compositing and rotoscoping. Thanks to visual effects software, things can be a lot easier.

The best VFX software for beginners

If you are looking for an easy-to-use video editor with special effects that allows you to do some basic VFX, then Wondershare Filmora can be the best choice. Filmora comes with over 300 built-in effects, not to mention the professional visual effect sets and packages offered by its Filmstocks effects store. With them, even beginners can create amazing videos. It’s available for both PC (Windows 7 or later) and Mac (macOS 10.11 or later).

Easy for beginners

Many visual effects software programs used in the production of Hollywood blockbusters are node based. Unlike them, Filmora is layer based, which makes it’s easy to get started. Its interface is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. Novices can benefit from its mild learning curve, and advanced users can efficiently achieve the effects they want with high flexibility.

simple interface

Tons of visual effects available for instant use

Sometimes, things can be as easy as drag-and-drop. Before diving into something more advanced, let’s take a look at the video effects that are already available for use. The said VFX video editing software provides categories of effects for different scenarios. For example, there are blockbuster effects.

  • Electricity
  • Explosions
  • Destruction
  • Lasers
  • Bullets
  • Bullet hits
  • Suppressed gunshots
  • Small gunshots
  • Rifle shots
  • Front gunshots
  • Bullet pass
  • Big gunshots
  • Blasts
  • Meteors
  • Massive explosion
  • Fire
  • And more…

blockbuster visual effects

Use it for compositing

As the best VFX software for beginners, it allows you to easily do green screen compositing. Drag the green screen video and your background footage into the program. Right-click former in the timeline and choose Green Screen. Now you can find the Chroma Key (Green Screen) feature. Tweak the setting until you are happy with the result. It’s that easy to key out green screen. If needed, you can crop out the unwanted part of the green screen video using the Crop feature.

You can also use it to easily layer your video, get picture-in-picture effect and add lens flares and light leaks to your video, among other things.

use VFX video editing software for green screen compositing

Use it for animation

This program also offers a set of powerful animation tools. There are preset animation effects, which you can directly drop into your footage. Some of them are Center Wipe, Evaporate and Linear Wipe.

Also, it’s easy to change and animation parameters using key frames.

vfx animation

What can Filmora do?

  • Do visual effects such as green screen compositing
  • Allow you to add up to 100 media layers for complex projects
  • Provide more than 300 easy-to-apply special effects
  • Trim, crop, rotate, layer and manipulate your video footages
  • Support all popular video, audio and image formats
  • Add text, titles, subtitles and captions
  • Add motion graphics
  • Apply filters and overlays
  • Do video stabilization, speed control and audio separation
  • And much more…

Free Download Windows Filmora
Free Download Mac Filmora

Top 5 commercial visual effects software

#1 Autodesk Maya

OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: $195/month, $1,545/year, or $4170/3 years

Commonly known as Maya, it can be the best VFX software for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is widely used in the production of movies, TV series, video games and other works. Coming with a rich array of features, this VFX software program is great for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, motion graphics and more. It does a good job of allowing users to add details, lighting, colors and other effects to 3D models. The user interface is intuitive, allowing users to create and manipulate models in an efficient approach.

visual effects software maya


OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: $4,758 for NUKE, $8,853 for NUKE X and $10,248 for NUKE Studio

It is a VFX and compositing software program available for multiple platforms. There are three editions: NUKE, NUKE X and NUKE Studio. It’s a powerful tool coming with great tools for compositing, rotoscoping, particle effects and more. The industry standard compositing software has support for 2D and 3D. Professionals will benefit from its considerable amount of visual effects capabilities. NUKE is node based, which makes it very efficient especially make it comes to big projects.

visual effects software nuke

#3 Autodesk 3ds Max

OS: Windows

Price: $195/month, $1,545/year, or $4170/3 years

This powerful versatile visual effect software tool is designed for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering and is widely used in industries like architecture, design and video games. It excels at 3D modeling for both characters and objects and offers high performance when it comes to rendering. With it, users can expect high level of reality and detail of their works. For new users, it can be a bit difficult to learn. As one gets more experienced, one can explore endless possibility and make the most of this tool.

autodesk 3ds max

#4 Cinema 4D

OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: $59/month, billed annually

As one of the most popular visual effects software programs, Cinema 4D is widely used for organic and non-organic modeling, animation, rendering and other VFX tasks. It is commonly used in design, graphic design, animation, broadcast and other industries and is easily one of the best providers of 3D modeling and rendering solutions. In addition, it’s also good at creating animations with impressive textures. Compared with some other VFX software, this one is very easy to learn. It offers a lot of useful plugins, which can make your work easy.

vfx software cinema 4d

#5 Houdini

OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free and commercial versions

When it comes to visual effect software, we can’t ignore Houdini. It is used by many big VFX companies such as Pixar and DreamWorks Animation. There are six versions, which makes the pricing a bit complicated. The free version is called Houdini Apprentice. It’s free for non-commercial use only. Designed to be a visual effects and 3D animation tool, Houdini has been widely used in filmmaking video games production. The node-word workflow makes it popular among VFX professionals.

visual effects software houdini

3 free open-source visual effects software

Commercial VFX software often comes with high price. The good news is that there are also some free, open-source alternatives.

#1 Blender

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD and Haiku

Despite being free, Blender is powerful and versatile. It provides rich sets of tools for visual effects, 3D modeling, ragging, simulation, compositing, vide editing and match moving other tasks. It offers a complete set of tools for any type of 3D tasks. One of the great things is that you can download templates online and use them for your projects in Blender. Compared to most other VFX software, it’s relatively small and lightweight. In addition, it’s very customizable and flexible.

free open source vfx software blender

#2 Blackmagic Fusion

OS: Linux, macOS, Windows

This VFX compositing software program has a free version and a commercial version. It has been used in the productions of tons of Hollywood big movies such as Iron Man and 2012. Despite being free, the free version allows you to use it for commercial projects. It excels at visual effects, virtual reality and motion graphic tasks. Just like some similar visual effects software, it’s node based, which allows high flexibility.

top free visual effects software blackmagic fusion

#3 Natron

OS: Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, Windows

Free, open-source and node-based, this freeware visual effects tool is easily accessible and easy to use. If you are a Nuke user, you will find its interface very similar to that of Nuke. It offers a number of functionalities for video tracking, keying, rotoscoping and keyframe animation. In addition, you will also find basic tools for image editing and painting.

free software for visual effects natron


If you are new to VFX and want to create a video or short film full of cool effects with the least efforts, you can use Filmora, the best video editor with special effects. You can do amazing video editing and compositing without leaving the app. It offers a great number of basic and advanced features and tools for all users. Most visual effects software programs are powerful, versatile and expensive. Thanks to the free open-source alternatives, everyone can have the opportunity to dive into the world of VFX.

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8 Ways to Convert Kindle Books to PDF (Mac, Android, iOS, Windows)

It is much likely that each avid reader have a Kindle device, since Kindle offers the most comfortable reading experience to view online publications. However, there are some occasions we need to read Kindle books on PC or mobile device that doesn’t support certain Kindle formats. Then, we need to convert kindle book to PDF.

Here we give a full guide to convert your Kindle books to PDF, no matter the books are saved in your Kindle device, or need to be downloaded as PDF, no matter you are using Windows PC, Mac, iPad or Android, even looking for online free Kindle book to PDF solutions. Also we share some extended knowledge or tips on converting Kindle books to PDF under other situations.

  • Kindle Formats
  • Convert Kindle Book to PDF Directly from Kindle
  • Download Kindle Books to PDF
  • Online Free Kindle Book to PDF Converters
  • What if Converting Rented Kindle Book to PDF?

Kindle Formats

A Kindle book can be saved in different formats, but the most Kindle-friendly format is AZW. That’s to say, if you have downloaded a Kindle book, it is highly possible that it is an AZW file.

When talking about different generations of Kindle device, variance does exist on the supported formats. But on the whole, most of the Kindle device read AZW, AZW3, TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP ebook files.

So, the solution we utilize to convert Kindle to PDF should be applicable both on converting Kindle AZW and converting other Kindle formats to PDF.

Convert Kindle Book to PDF Directly from Kindle

You may want to convert a Kindle book saved in your Kindle device directly to PDF. In this case, you will need some tools that can import files from your Kindle device for conversion, and here is a list of recommended tools for different platforms.

#1 Kindle Book to PDF with Epubor Ultimate (Mac, Windows)

Epubor Ultimate is a program designed to convert virtually all kinds of Kindle books from different sources to PDF, ePub, Mobi, AZW3 and Text. It can detect the files in your Kindle device for fast PDF conversion. Even, it allows removing DRM from Kindle books. There are 2 version of Epubor Ultimate available, macOS and Windows.

Steps to Convert Kindle Book to PDF with Epubor on Mac or Windows

  • Step 1. Download and install Epubor Ultimate on your computer.
    Free Download ePubor Mac
    Free Download ePubor Win
  • Step 2. Connect your Kindle device to the computer.
  • Step 3. Run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect all the books in your Kindle device.
  • Step 4. Drag and drop the Kindle books to the right panel.

  • Step 5. Choose output as PDF, then click “Convert to PDF” to start the Kindle Book to PDF conversion.

#2 Kindle Book to PDF with PDFMate eBook Converter Pro (Windows)

PDFMate eBook Converter Pro is another program helping users to convert Kindle books, but only available for Windows users. It can remove DRM from Kindle books and convert 24 eBook formats into PDF, ePub, Mobi, AZW and Txt.

Steps to Convert Kindle Book to PDF on Windows

  • Step 1. Download and install PDFMate eBook Converter Pro on your computer.
  • Step 2. Connect your Kindle device to the computer.
  • Step 3. Run PDFMate eBook Converter Pro, click on “Kindle”, it will detect all the books in your Kindle device and display on the interface.

  • Step 4. Drag and drop the Kindle books to the right panel.
  • Step 5. Choose output as PDF, and click “Convert to PDF” to save Kindle book as PDF on Windows.

#3 Kindle Book to PDF on iPad or Android

Since iPad and Android phone cannot connect to the Kindle device, users won’t allow converting books from Kindle directly to PDF on iOS or Android devices. But if you have a computer, you can do this on your computer by referring to above-mentioned tutorial, then send the PDF file to your iPad or Android device using following methods:

Option #1 Transfer PDF files to iPad or Android phone via USB cable;

Option #2 Sync PDFs converted from Kindle books from Mac to iPad via Airdrop, iTunes, iCloud, for Android users, use cloud storage service accordingly;

Option #3 Send the PDF files from your computer to your email box, then open on your mobile device

Option #4 Utilize an app capable of transferring files between computer and mobile device;

Also, if you would like to use an iOS or Android Kindle book to PDF application, you can refer to the methods to convert Kindle book to PDF on iOS or Android directly in the following part “Step 2. Convert Kindle book to PDF”.

Download Kindle Books to PDF

If you don’t have a Kindle device or have to obtain some Kindle books from other resource, you will need to download them fist before converting Kindle books to PDF. To make this, 2 steps are required.

Step 1. Download Kindle Books First

There are several options to download Kindle books, no matter they are saved in AWZ format or other Kindle-supported formats.

Option #1 Use Your Amazon Account Login into your Amazon account, go to Your Account>Manage Your Content and Devices>Show>Books>Download, then the Kindle books saved in your Kindle device will be transferred to your PC.

Option #2 Download Online There are websites offering free or paid Kindle books, such as Book Lending, Project Gutenberg, ManyBooks, users can download various Kindle books to their storage service or device.

Option #3 Download Using Software Also, there are applications available allowing users to download Kindle books, such as Calibre, users can search or get Kindle books from other stores.

Step 2. Convert Kindle Books to PDF

Now that the Kindle book has been downloaded to your device, it is time to convert them to PDF by using a Kindle to PDF converter. Here is a list of good programs to convert Kindle to PDF easily with high quality.

Option #1 Convert Kindle Book to PDF Free with Calibre (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Calibre is an open source program helping users to manage Kindle and other ebooks easily. It allows editing, converting, viewing, downloading and sharing Kindle books.

Steps to Convert Kindle Book to PDF with Calibre

  • Step 1. Download and install Calibre on your computer.
  • Step 2. Click “Add books” to import downloaded Kindle books to Calibre.

  • Step 3. Select the Kindle books you want to save as PDF, click “Convert books” and choose output as PDF. Also, you can tweak the settings to customize the PDF output.

  • Step 4. Click “OK” to start Kindle-to-PDF conversion, and then find the converted files in output folder.

Option #2 Convert Kindle Book to PDF on iPad/iPhone

The Ebook Converter is an iOS application enabling users to convert nearly all documents, including Kindle books to various formats, such as ePub, Mobi, AZW3, PDF, LIT, PDB, TXT, FB2, TCR, etc.

  • Step 1. Download and install The Ebook Converter on your iPad.
  • Step 2. Select your kindle books.

  • Step 3. Choose output as PDF and start converting Kindle book to PDF on iOS device.

Option #3 Kindle Book to PDF on Android

The All File Converter from Google Play is a popular app turning virtually all kinds of files into different formats, it can convert Kindle books to PDF and other document type, convert documents, images, audios and videos, even archives conversions can be processed.

  • Step 1. Download and install All File Converter on your Android device.
  • Step 2. Choose eBook Converter.

  • Step 3. Import Kindle books to the app, you can add files from different resource.

  • Step 4. Choose “convert-to-pdf”, then click “Convert” to change Kindle books to PDF on your Android phone.

Online Free Kindle to PDF Converters

For users don’t need to do Kindle-to-PDF conversion very often, online free Kindle to PDF converters is good choice, though the conversion quality disappoints users sometimes.

Option #1 EPUB Converter

There builds a Kindle to PDF Converter in EPUB Converter, it allows users to convert mobi, azw, azw 1, azw 3, azw 4 to PDF. Also, if you have Kindle books in other formats, you can utilize its other tools to perform the conversion as needed. It processes conversions very fast, but no batch conversion is supported.

Steps to Convert Kindle Book to PDF Online Free with EPUB

  • Step 1. Go to EPUB Converter.
  • Step 2. Choose Kindle to PDF Converter under Kindle Converter.
  • Step 3. Add Kindle books to the program.
  • Step 4. Upload the Kindle books by clicking “Start Upload”.

  • Step 5. Once the Kindle book to PDF conversion finishes, download the PDF output.


  • Free to use;
  • Batch convert Kindle book to PDF;
  • Support convert various Kindle book format to PDF, including epub, mobi, azw/1/2/3/4;


  • Need to download PDF output one by one;
  • Unstable conversion quality, blank pages appear in the output;
  • Potential risk of information leakage after file uploading;

Option #2 ONLINE-CONVERT Ebook Converter

ONLINE-CONVERT online services cover 7 types of conversion, including archive, audio, document, ebook, image, video and webservice. Its Ebook Converter can convert Kindle AZW, Mobi, LIT, LRF, ePub, Text and others to PDF, also to other popular formats.

Steps to Convert Kindle Book to PDF Online Free Online-Convert

  • Step 1. Go to ONLINE-CONVERT, choose “Convert to PDF” under Ebook converter.
  • Step 2. Add Kindle books to the program, you can import from computers/Dropbox/Google Drive, or via URL.
  • Step 3. Click “Start Conversion” and change Kindle books to PDF online free.

  • Step 4. Then download the PDF output one by one or as zip file.


  • Free to use;
  • Upload file from local computer or online Cloud storage;
  • Batch convert Kindle book to PDF;
  • Allow customized settings;
  • Allow downloading all PDF output as Zip;


  • Unstable conversion quality, formatting will be scarified to some extent;
  • Potential risk of information leakage after file uploading;

What if Converting Rented Kindle Book to PDF?

If you get a rented Kindle book that is encrypted, you will need to remove the DRM before converting Kindle to PDF. DRM refers to Digital rights management, it is a systematic method to protect digital media copyright.

To convert rented Kindle to PDF, we just need to find a Kindle to PDF converter featured a DRM removal. In fact, the Epubor Ultimate we mentioned in the 1st part is also capable of auto removing DRM and then converting Kindle books to PDF. This tool is now available for both Windows and MacOS.

Steps to Convert Rented Kindle Book to PDF on Mac or Windows

  • Step 1. Download and install Epubor Ultimate on your computer.
    Free Download ePubor Mac
    Free Download ePubor Win
  • Step 2. Connect your Kindle device to the computer if you have.
  • Step 3. Run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect all the books in your Kindle device. Also, it can find Kindle files on your computers.
  • Step 4. Drag and drop the Kindle books to the right panel, and the DRM will be automatically removed when importing files to Epubor Ultimate for conversion.

  • Step 5. Choose output as PDF to convert rented Kindle books to PDF.

It may bring a lot of convenience to save a rented Kindle book as PDF, but we should aware that such a DRM removal can be never done for illegal or commercial use.


There are more ways to convert Kindle books to PDF for users to explore, but if you have saved the Kindle books in your device, find some tools that can import file from your device for conversion, otherwise, you will need to download Kindle books first, then utilize a Kindle Book to PDF converter. Also, take a second thought before using an online Kindle to PDF converter, due to the backward of safety, conversion quality and user experience.

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8 Video Stabilization Tools to Stabilize Shaky Video Easily (2019-2020)

When recording videos or footages with camera, regardless of how scrupulous we are acting, any tiny movements of camera can still result in shaky videos. While, a video that shakes and wobbles won’t look professional and hence cannot meet the original expectation for a video sharing.

But never mind, here we will introduce top 8 video stabilization tools to stabilize your shaky videos easily, no matter you are a Mac or Windows PC user, no matter you want to stabilize videos online free or on your mobile device (iOS and Android).

Table of Contents

  • Method 1 Stabilize Videos in Premiere (Pro & CC)
  • Method 2 Stabilize Shaky Videos in Adobe After Effects
  • Method 3 iMovie—Mac Free Video Stabilization Tool
  • Method 4 Best and Most Affordable Video Stabilization Tool: Filmora
  • Method 5 How to Stabilize Videos Online Free?
  • Method 6 Stabilize Shaky Videos on Mobile Phone (iPhone & Android)

Method 1. Stabilize Videos in Premiere Pro

Speaking of editing and processing videos, Adobe Premiere Pro is always picked as the most professional program to do such a task. If you have installed Premiere Pro, you can stabilize your shaky videos, even beatify them in a creative way in Premiere Pro.

For the current version Adobe Premiere Pro CC, no matter you are using 2019, 2018 or 2017, the steps to stabilize videos are of no difference, you can refer to following steps to start video stabilization.

Steps to Stabilize Videos in Premiere Pro (Including CC 2019)

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CC;
  2. Drag your shaky videos into the Timeline;stabilize video in premiere 01
  3. Go to Effects Tab, then search Warp Stabilizer from the Effects menu;stabilize video premiere 02
  4. Then drag and drop “Warp Stabilizer” to the video you need to stabilize, then the analyzing will start;stabilize video in premiere 03
  5. Once ready, save the video or edit if needed.

Method 2. Stabilize Shaky Videos in Adobe After Effects

You may also have realized that Premiere Pro is not the only program from Adobe to edit and process videos, there is another option, Adobe After Effects. What’s more, the steps to stabilize video with Adobe After Effects Warp Stabilizer are virtually the same as that with Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore, here we will introduce a different way to stabilize video without Warp Stabilizer in Adobe After Effects.

Steps to Stabilize Shaky Video in Adobe After Effects without Warp Stabilizer

  • Step 1. Open the shaky video with Adobe After Effects;
  • Step 2. Go to Tracker Windows, click on Stabilize Motion;  stabilize video after effects
  • Step 3. Configure the settings (your motion source, current track and track type, check before Position only) as following;stabilize video after effects00
  • Step 4. Then set the tracking point, the small box defines the element we are going to track, the large box defines the area we are going to use to track. So, it will make sure the camera is sticking to the tracking point;stabilize video after effects01
  • Step 5. Then click the Analyze Forward button and Adobe After Effects will process stabilization by following the tracking point frame by frame;stabilize video after effects02
  • Step 6. Click “Apply” in the Tracker Windows, choose X and Y as Dimensions, continue with OK.stabilize video after effects03

Method 3. iMovie—Mac Free Video Stabilization Tool

If you are a mac user, it would be much easier to stabilize a shaky video, for the reason that all Mac users are allowed to use iMovie—free yet powerful video editing software.

Steps to Stabilize Shaky Video Free with Mac iMovie

  • Step 1. Go to Finder>Applications, launch iMovie;
  • Step 2. Drag and drop the shaky video to iMovie Timeline;

stabilize video imovie01

  • Step 3. Then click on the Stabilization icon, check before “Stabilize Shaky Video” to start the stabilization process;stabilize video imovie 02
  • Step 4. Once the stabilization finishes, go to File>Share, save or upload the stabilized video;

Method 4. Best and Most Affordable Video Stabilization Tool: Filmora9

It is true that Adobe and iMovie do a good job on video editing, but still a lot of users won’t pick them as the first options to stabilize a shaky video, for the reason that Adobe is too expensive while iMovie offers quite ordinary stabilization result. Maybe you need a professional but affordable program to deal with a shaky video, like Filmora9.

Filmora9 is a simple-to-use yet efficient video-editing program that has attracted global attentions in recent 2 years. It helps a lot to create both personal and professional videos, by providing basic editing tools like trim, rotate, crop, add watermark/background/subtitle, also allowing users to finish advanced editing tasks, like add dozens of media layers, add wonderful effects, customize videos with stylish templates, tune your media by fixing shaky videos, etc.

With a price $49.99, you can get the Filmora9 for 1 year, and the program is available on both macOS and Windows.

Steps to Stabilize Shaky Video with Filmora (Mac & Windows)

  1. Download and install Filmora9;
    Free Download Windows Filmora
    Free Download Mac Filmora
  2. Import the shaky video to Filmora Media Library by dragging and dropping;stabilize video filmora01
  3. Then drag and drop the imported shaky video to Timeline, double click on the shaky video to bring up the Edit pane, choose “Stabilization” to start stabilization process;stabilize video filmora 02
  4. Click on Play button to preview the video and configure the Stabilization settings if needed;stabilize video filmora 03
  5. Click OK to apply the changes and save the stabilized video.

Method 5. How to Stabilize Videos Online Free?

As long as there are online free video editors, you can find an online free video stabilizer to do the task. However, according to my tests on 8 tools, only 3 of them can stabilize the videos successfully, and here we list 2 of them, you can have a try.

Things You Need to Know about Online Free Video Stabilizer:

  • The stabilization process takes time, including the video uploading and downloading process;
  • Video uploading failure may occur, you need to repeat the process until the video is uploaded successfully;
  • Stabilization quality is not stable;
  • Require high on Internet connection;
  • Potential risk of information leakage;

#1. ezgif Video Stabilizer

ezgif is an online free video editor allowing users to convert, resize, crop, split, add effects, stabilize and so on. It is easy to use, and allows previewing before downloading the videos after process.

Steps to Stabilize Videos Online Free with ezgif

  1. Go to ezgif video stabilizer;
  2. Click “Choose File” to import shaky video, then click on “Upload video”;stabilize video online free 01
  3. After the stabilization, download the video.

#2 mp4compress Video Stabilizer

Another online free video stabilizer can stabilize shaky videos successfully online free is mp4compress, however it supports stabilizing MP4 videos only. Also, you are not allowed to preview the video after stabilization.

Steps to stabilize videos online free with mp4compress

  1. Go to mp4compress video stabilizer
  2. Click ‘Select File” to import shaky video, then click “Upload Video File”;stabilize video online free02
  3. After the stabilization, download the video.

Method 6. Stabilize Shaky Videos on Mobile Phone (iPhone & Android)

It’s much likely that you will shoot a video with the camera on your mobile phone, then how to stabilize shaky videos on iOS or Android phone? Here are the solutions.

Stabilize Shaky Videos on iPhone

The tool we use to stabilize shaky videos on iPhone is Emulsio by Creaceed, it is a professional iOS video stabilizer, offering different tools to stabilize the video to meet your requirements.

Steps to Stabilize Shaky Videos on iPhone

  1. Download and install Emulsio from AppStore;
  2. Run Emulsio and import the shaky video;
  3. Then adjust the Stabilization tool and check the result;stabilize video iphone
  4. Once OK, you can save or export the video

Stabilize Shaky Videos on Android Phone

While, the most popular video stabilizer for Android phone is Google Photos, an efficient application to back and share both videos and photos for free.

Steps to Stabilize Shaky Videos on Android Phone

  1. Go to Google Play, download and install Google Photos;
  2. Open the shaky video with Google Photos;
  3. Then tap on Edit button and choose Stabilise;stabilize video android
  4. Wait for the stabilization to finish, then save the video.


For different users, the method to stabilize a shaky video may be different, but the key is always to find a professional tool. Online free video stabilizer tools are worth a try, but the result may fall far short of your expectation. So, why not starting with a dedicated yet affordable video stabilizer?

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How to Add Subtitles in iMovie on Mac, iPhone and iPad

This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add subtitles in iMovie along with some useful tips.

Developed by Apple, iMovie is a simple-to-use, versatile video editing software app available for macOS and iOS. It comes with an array of options and enables you to easily edit and manipulate your video clips. Can you add subtitles and captions to your videos in iMovie? The answer is yes. And this guide will show you how.

FAQ: Things to know about adding subtitles in iMovie

Before we talk about how to add subtitles in iMovie, let’s take a look at these frequently asked questions, which will help you understand what you can and can’t do in iMovie when it comes to adding subtitles.

Can you add subtitles in iMovie without fade?

It’s easy to add subtitles in iMovie, but there is a downside. Subtitle will fade in and fade out, and there is no option to disable the fade effect. In many cases, iMovie users want the subtitles to just appear and disappear with no fade. The good news is you can add subtitles to your video without fade using Filmora, an easy-to-use video editor with a rich set of basic and advanced features.

Can you add background to subtitles in iMovie?

iMovie offers a few options for users to make subtitles more visible and easier to read. You can change subtitle font, size and color. You can also add a black border around the text. However, these options are sometimes not enough.

To create complete separation between subtitles and the footage, the best solution is to add black background to subtitles. Unfortunately, iMovie doesn’t allow you to do so. To easily add black background to subtitles, you can use the above-mentioned Filmora. There’s a preset for all the subtitle effects it provides. Filmora’s Subtitles 1 effect, for example, comes with black background that users can easily delete, resize and edit.

Can you add closed captions in iMovie?

Let’s start with another question. What are the differences between subtitles, open captions and closed captions?

  • Subtitles are used when the audience of your video can hear the audio. And they may still want the dialogue displayed on screen. Or, they don’t understand the language and want the translation provided.
  • If you add captions in iMovie, you assume that the viewer can’t hear anything and needs a text description. Captions can include dialogue, sound effects and more.
  • Closed captions exist as a separate track. Viewers can turn them off and on.
  • Open captions are burned directly into the video. And you can’t turn them off.

iMovie allows users to add both subtitles and captions using its Titles tool. How to add closed captions in iMovie? Unfortunately, iMovie currently doesn’t support closed captions.

How do I add SRT files to iMovie?

SRT (or SubRip Subtitle) files are used to store video subtitle information. iMovie doesn’t support SRT. Users can’t add subtitles in iMovie by importing a SRT file.

Note: iMovie does a good job of providing users with a couple of options for creating subtitles. But there are limits. To add subtitles to videos with more flexibility and options, you can check out this part of the article: An easier way to add subtitles to your video.

How to add subtitles in iMovie 10, 9, 8 and 7

When you add subtitles in iMovie, the steps may vary depending on the iMovie version you use.

How to add subtitles in iMovie 10

Step 1. In iMovie, choose the Titles tab. There are a number of title effects such as like Standard Lower Third, Reveal and Focus. Grab your favorite effect and drop it down on top of your video layer.

Titles tab

Step 2. Now you are able to edit the text on the title effect. You can choose to type your subtitles or captions into iMovie word by word manually. Or, you can copy and paste text from a document or an SRT file available.

With the text layer selected, you will be presented with options to change font, color and formatting of your subtitles.

type or paste your subtitles

Step 3. It’s important to make your subtitles or captions synced up with the audio. To do so, you can change subtitle duration by dragging the edges of the text layer in the timeline.

change subtitle duration

Step 4. Now you’ve probably finished inserting the first sentence of the subtitles and tweaked the text settings based on your need. You need to add subtitles in iMovie sentence by sentence. Here’s a tip that can help.

Tip: Select the text layer, control-click and select Copy. Paste it where you like. This will paste the same iMovie title effect with the same formatting. As a result, you don’t have to go back and redo it all. All you need to do is to edit text and adjust duration.


These steps apply to iMovie 10 and later, including iMovie 10.1.11, the latest version of March 2019.

How to add subtitles in iMovie ’08 (7.0), iMovie ’09 (8.0) and iMovie ’11 (9.0)

Step 1. In iMovie, open your project. Highlight a section of the footage. Click the T icon in the menu bar (below the Viewer window). You can find title effects like Lower Third 1, Upper Third, etc. To preview an effect, just hover your mouse over it.

click the T icon

Step 2. Select and drag the title effect of your choice to the timeline over the top of your clip.

Step 3. In the Viewer, you are able to type your subtitle. To change the text color, size or font, select Show Fonts > Change Fonts. Note that you need to highlight the text to be able to apply the changes.

Step 4. When you add subtitles in iMovie, if you want to change subtitle duration, double-click the text layer, which will bring up the Inspector window. There, you can edit the duration. You can also change the fade time.

the Inspector window

How to add subtitles in iMovie on iPad or iPhone

If you’d like to do it on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow the following steps.

Step 1. Open the iMovie app for iOS on your mobile device.

Step 2. In your iMovie project, play the video clip. When the first sentence in the audio ends, tap the pause button. Select Action > Split. Repeat the same thing with the rest sentences.

Step 3. Tap the Titles button at the bottom of the screen and choose the title effect you need. Type the subtitles. Reposition subtitles if needed.

add subtitles in iMovie on iPhone

Step 4. When you finish adding subtitles or captions, tap Done in the top left corner of the screen.

An easier way to add subtitles to your video

If you have no idea how to subtitles in iMovie, the instructions above can help. As a matter of fact, there is a more efficient way to add subtitles to videos. With video editor Filmora, things can be even easier.

  • Offer more 100+ title and text effects for subtitles adding and customizing
  • Offer both basic & advanced video editing features
  • Support all common video, audio and image formats
  • Support up to 100 media layers
  • Come with full 4K support
  • Provide a rich selection of effects, templates and more with regular updates
  • Allow special effects such as split-screen, green-screen and face-off
  • Export videos optimized for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Free Download Windows Filmora
Free Download Mac Filmora

Below is how to add subtitles and captions using this video editor.

Step 1. In the said video editor, open your project. Choose Text/Credit.


In the upper left part of the window, you can find lists of effects. Select Expansions > Sub Titles. You can find the preset for all the subtitle effects.

choose a subtitle effect

Step 2. Select an effect and drag it to the timeline. Double-click the subtitle layer, which will bring up a new window. Type or paste your subtitle there. At the top of the window, there are options to change subtitle font, color and formatting.

add subtitles

Tip: As shown in the screenshot, the subtitle effect comes with a black background. If you need to delete an extra background or subtitle line, click the Advanced button in the aforesaid window and delete it. You can reposition the subtitle text or resize the background directly in the preview window.

edit subtitles background

Step 3. In the timeline, find the right position for when a dialogue begins and move the subtitle player to make sure they sync up properly.

As mentioned above, you can make it’s much easier to add subtitles by copying and pasting the first subtitle layer you have created. This way, you don’t have to set text formatting over and over again with each subtitle line you add.


This article talks about the best way on how to add subtitles in iMovie on Mac, iPad and iPhone. If iMovie doesn’t meet your need, other video editing software with more functions and options can help. Filmora is among the best of them. With it, you can effortlessly insert subtitles in videos in desired ways without limit and do other cool stuff.

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4 Ways to Rotate a Video on YouTube for 2019

YouTube offers the most convenient way for us to share and watch videos online, so we can talk to the world in term of videos. But occasionally, we need to rotate a video on YouTube when uploading or while watching, so the video can be viewed in a good angle that accords with our habit.

Then how to rotate a video on YouTube? Today, we collect 4 solutions to rotate a YouTube video that proved to be feasible in 2019.

Can YouTube’s Video Editor Rotate Videos?

No, it doesn’t support rotating videos on YouTube anymore.

You may have your own YouTube Channel and know that YouTube has its own video editor to edit videos before or after the uploading. Yes, it is true that YouTube Video Editor used to support rotating video on YouTube, but now, it doesn’t support any more, neither the YouTube Studio Beta or Classic Creator Studio support doing orientation changes on YouTube.

Here is the screenshot of earlier YouTube Studio version, there was a rotate feature located by the side of Trim button.

creator youtube studio

But now in the latest YouTube Video Editor, this Rotate feature is removed, you are not allowed to rotate videos on YouTube directly.

latest youtube studio

But never mind, here we will introduce 4 ways to rotate YouTube videos that are uploaded by yourself or by others, no matter you are using Mac or Windows PC.

4 Ways to Rotate a Video on YouTube

#1 The Best Way to Rotate YouTube Video

(For Mac & Windows users, for videos uploaded by yourself)

The best and easiest way to rotate a video on YouTube is always using a professional video editor, even it allows you to customize your video beyond your imaginations, like Filmora 9.

Filmora 9 is a dedicated video editing software to create and edit videos without limits, it is easy to use but powerful to build in various editing features. Also, it is available both for mac and windows users.

Main Feature of Filmora 9:

  • Allow editing video, audio and image;
  • Offer basic editing feature: crop, trim, rotate, add text & titles, etc.;
  • Add effects;
  • Support advanced editing: color tuning, pan & zoom, reverse, stabilize video, record screen, split screen, video snapshot, etc.;
  • Support action cam editing;
  • Remove watermark from videos;
  • Export videos as various formats after editing;
  • Share video online

Steps to Rotate YouTube Video with Filmora

  1. Go to Filmora 9 page, download and install the program;
    Free Download Windows Filmora
    Free Download Mac Filmora
  2. Launch the program, drag and drop your YouTube video to the program;import youtube filmora
  3. Then drag and drop the YouTube video to timeline as following;rotate in filmora 02
  4. Double click on the video in the timeline area, then the editing panel will appear, choose the buttons for Rotate, you can now rotate the video in 90, 180 and 270 degrees. And don’t forget to click “OK” to save the orientation changes.rotate filmora 03
  5. Go to Export, select a video format to save the rotated video.

In the case you want to edit YouTube videos shared by others, you need to download the YouTube videos with online YouTube Downloader first (refer to the method 2), then use this program to rotate.

#2 Rotate YouTube Video Online Free

(For Mac & Windows users, for videos uploaded by yourself and others)

Also, you can rotate YouTube video online free. The greatest benefit of rotating YouTube videos online lies in its capability to rotate both videos that uploaded by yourself or others. To rotate a video on YouTube from others for offline watching, you need to download the YouTube video first by using an online tool, then use another online video editor to finish the rotating.

If you need to rotate YouTube video from others, we recommend downloading the YouTube video with y2mate, it is an online free YouTube Downloader allowing users to download videos from YouTube in different resolutions (1080p, 720p, 360p, etc.), even you can utilize this tool to export YouTube videos as MP3 format. While for the online video editor to rotate this YouTube video, ezgif video editor is always a good option to do the rotation.

Steps to Rotate YouTube Video Online Free

(For users who just need to rotate their own YouTube videos, please go ahead to the step 2.)

  1. Go to y2mate, input the YouTube URL into the program and download it;y2mate
  2. Go to ezgif rotate video, click “Choose File” and choose the YouTube you have downloaded or saved on your computer, then click “Upload Video”;rotate video online free
  3. Then choose to rotate video 90, 180 or 270 degrees, also select the output format. Click the “Rotate Video” to start the rotation;rotate video online free 03
  4. Finally, you need to click the “Save” button to download the rotated video to your device;

#3 Rotate YouTube Video in iMovie (Free)

(For Mac users, for videos created by yourself)

If you are a mac user, you can use the macOS built-in program—iMovie to rotate the YouTube videos on mac free. iMovie allows users to create videos from image, add image/audio to video, add transitions, crop, clip, rotate, stabilize, trim, adjust colors, etc. It offers all basic editing features to create a video as needed.

Steps to Rotate YouTube Video in iMovie

  1. Go to Finder>Applications>iMovie, launch iMovie;
  2. Then drag and drop the video you want to upload to YouTube to the timeline as following;add youtube videos
  3. Then select the video you added to timeline, you will be able to edit the file. Click on the Cropping icon, you will be allowed to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise;rotate youtube imovie
  4. After the rotating, go to File>Share>YouTube, to share the rotated video directly to YouTube, or you can save as file according to your youtube imovie

Note: If you want to rotate a YouTube video that is uploaded by others, you need to download the YouTube video (recommend using iFunia YouTube Downloader) first, then rotate the video in iMovie.

#4 Rotate Video on YouTube with Windows Movie Maker (Free)

(For Windows users, for videos created by yourself)

If you are a Windows user and work on OS earlier than Windows 10, you can utilize Windows Movie Maker to rotate YouTube videos. But it is pitiful that it is not available anymore, you will have no chance to download the official Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft today. Though Microsoft offers a new program called Photos app to view and edit videos, the “Rotate” feature is only enabled when you are editing photos. So, in conclusion, you can utilize Windows Movie Maker to rotate videos if you have installed, but if you don’t, you also lose the chance to utilize a free Windows-bundled program to rotate videos, you will need to search within the Microsoft Store.

Steps to Rotate YouTube Videos in Windows

  1. Launch Windows Movie Maker;
  2. Go to File>Add videos and photos, choose your YouTube video to import;rotate video in movie maker 01
  3. Then click on the Rotate buttons to rotate left or right;rotate movie maker 02
  4. Once ready, go to File>Save Movie to export the rotated video.

Note: If you want to rotate a YouTube video that is uploaded by others, you need to download the YouTube video (recommend using y2mate or Winx YouTube Downloader) first, then rotate the video in iMovie.


It is true that there are so many software or services available to rotate a video on YouTube, if you want to make this quite easy but still require high on editing features, Filmora, the best video editing software is absolutely the best choice. If rotating a video on YouTube is just a one-off matter, you can try those online or free programs already installed on your device.

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How to Convert iBook to PDF on Windows and Mac

Can I convert iBook to PDF? The answer is yes. And this article will show you how.

iBooks, now known as Apple Books, is an ebook reading and store app developed and released by Apple. It works on macOS and iOS and is currently available in 33 languages. You can get an iBook from the iBooks Store, create an iBook using the iBooks Author tool, or add your own EPUB or PDF files to read in iBooks. This article shows you how to convert iBook to PDF to make the ebook compatible with more devices.

Apple iBooks supported formats

Before getting started to convert iBook to PDF, let’s check out the Apple iBooks compatible formats.

Format File extension Detail
EPUB .epub The ebooks, including the free ones, you get from the iBooks Store are in EPUB with DRM protection. Also, you can open and read your own EPUB files with the iBooks app.
PDF .pdf One can also read PDFs in iBooks.
IBA .iba This EPUB-based iBook format is generated with the iBooks Author app.
IBOOKS .ibooks You can create such an iBook using iBooks Author.

This article will cover how to convert to PDF from:

  • EPUB, without or with DRM

#1 How to convert .iba or .ibooks iBook to PDF

Applies to: macOS

This part talks about how to convert iBook to PDF if the ebook has .iba or .ibooks extension. It requires the installation of the iBooks Author app which is only available for macOS. It won’t be possible if you want to convert such an iBook to PDF on Windows PC, iPhone or iPad.

Both types of iBooks can only be created using iBooks Author app. And you can only read them with the iBooks app on macOS or iOS. By converting iBook to PDF, you can make it easily readable by almost all ebook reader apps on various platforms.

Step 1. Download and install iBooks Author from the Mac App Store. It’s free and requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Step 2. Open the iBook with iBooks Author. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, select File > Export, which will bring up a new window.

click Export

There are three export formats available: Apple Books, PDF and Text.

Step 3. Click PDF. It lets you have control over the image quality in the PDF file. Click the Image Quality dropdown list and choose from the three options: Good, Better and Best. You can also choose to password protect the PDF ebook.

expor to PDF

Step 4. Click Next. Choose a location to save the export PDF. Rename the ebook if needed. Click Export to convert iBook to PDF.

#2 How to convert EPUB iBook to PDF

Applies to: macOS, Windows

There are generally two types of EPUB iBooks that you can find in your Apple iBooks library.

  1. The iBooks you buy and download from the iBooks Store are in EPUB. They are DRM protected, which means you can’t edit them, or convert them, or view them using any other app other than the iBooks (or Apple Books). DRM (digital rights management) are the technologies to limit the access or use of copyrighted works. Apple has its own DRM technology called Fair Play.
  2. Another type of the iBooks EPUB files is the ones you add to your iBook library.

Before we convert iBook to PDF, there is a question that we need the answers to. What is the best iBook to PDF converter?

It’s recommended to use the Epubor Ultimate app to convert EPUB iBook to PDF.

Epubor Ultimate main features:

  • Remove DRM protection from ebooks in 2 clicks
  • Convert ebooks purchased from Kindle Store, Kobo, Nook, Sony and other stores
  • Support 13 input ebook formats and 5 output formats
  • Allow batch conversion
  • Allow meta data modification
  • Automatically detect your device and load books from it
  • Available for Windows and Mac

Free Download ePubor Mac
Free Download ePubor Win

remove drm from epub with epubor

Epubor Ultimate does a good job of removing DRM from ebooks purchased from most ebook stores and converting them to PDF. It currently doesn’t support DRM protected iBooks, but there’s an easy workaround. The steps below show you how to convert EPUB iBook to PDF on Windows and Mac, with or without DRM.

Step 1. Download and install DRM removal tool Requiem for PC or Mac. Launch it. It will remove the DRM restrictions from purchased iBook EPUB files.

remove DRM from iBook using Requiem

Step 2. Open Epubor Ultimate. Drag the now DRM-free iBooks into the app. Alternatively, you can also add them by clicking the Add button at the top of the interface.

choose PDF as the output format

Step 3. Click the Convert to button at the bottom of the interface and choose PDF as the output format. Now click the Convert to PDF button to convert iBook to PDF.

Once the conversion is completed, you can click the folder icon to open the folder where the output PDF files are stored. The original formatting, hyperlinks and other elements will be well retained.

One can also convert DRM-free iBooks with Calibre. Note that Calibre doesn’t support .iba or .ibooks files.

Step 1. Download and install Calibre. Open this app.

Step 2. Drag your iBooks into this tool. From the toolbar, click Convert books, which will bring up a new window.

Step 3. In the top right corner of the window, click the Output format dropdown list and select PDF.

convert ibooks with calibre

Step 4. Click OK.

It’s also possible to convert iBook to PDF online for free with the premise that it’s EPUB iBook without DRM. If you are looking for high quality conversion, this method is not recommended.


Above are the common ways to convert iBook to PDF on Windows and PC. Mac users can use iBooks Author to effortlessly convert .iba and .ibooks to PDF. To transform DRM iBook to PDF, you will need to use DRM removal tool and EPUB to PDF converter like Epubor Ultimate which can convert ebooks purchased from almost all popular ebook outlets.

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2 Steps to Convert ACSM to ePub (with or without Adobe)

If you are new to ACSM, it would be a little complicate for you to convert ACSM to ePub for easy reading on different devices, it involves 2 steps: get the ePub file from the ACSM first, then remove the DRM from ePub for easy reading.

But no worries, you will find the detailed steps to convert ACSM to ePub, with or without Adobe, with free or professional tools.

First Thing First, What is ACSM?

ACSM, the full name is Adobe Content Server Message, it is a XML-based file containing information that communicates with Adobe Content servers, it is something like a certificate or proof to inform Adobe that you have legally purchased an eBook and will be allowed to download the real eBook after authorization. This is useful and convenient when you need to read the eBook on different device within Adobe.

In conclusion, ACSM is not an eBook itself, it cannot be opened or managed by an eBook reader, you have to authorize via Adobe Digital Edition or use other tips to open and then get the ePub downloads. Also, the ePub downloads you get from ACSM files are DRM protected.

Step 1. Open or Export ACSM as ePub format

To open and export an ePub from the ACSM file, there are 2 ways, with or without Adobe Digital Editions.

Method #1 Convert ACSM to ePub with Adobe

Adobe Digital Editions is a free eReader to reader books across different devices, also it allows users to download and purchase digital content. After the purchase, you will get a ACSM file which allows you to download the ePub file later.

  • Step 1. Download and install Adobe Digital adobe digital editions
  • Step 2. For first-time user, go to Help>Authorize Computer.authorize computer
  • Step 3. Input your Adobe ID for purchasing the eBook.input adobe id
  • Step 4. Then right click on the ACSM file and choose to open with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Step 5. You will notice that an ePub is being automatically epub
  • Step 6. Find the ePub file.

#For Windows users: My Documents/My Digital Editions

#For Mac users: Finder/Documents/Digital Editions

Method #2 Convert ACSM to ePub without Adobe

Also, here is another trick to convert ACSM to ePub without Adobe Digital Editions. As we mentioned before, a ACSM file is actually a XML-based file contains all info to communicate with Adobe Content Server, so we may be able to find out the ePub download link in the file for direct downloading. However, this method doesn’t guarantee a 100% success, still, it is worth a try.

  • Step 1. Download and install the XML reader Notepad or others.
  • Step 2. Find the URL between (…), copy and paste the URL to your browser.
  • Step 3. Save the ePub file to your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 2. Remove the DRM from ePub for Easy Reading

Even if you have converted the ACSM file to ePub, you won’t allowed to read or share easily these ePub files since they are DRM-protected. In this case, you will need to remove the DRM from your ePub file. Also, here we introduce 2 ways to decrypt the DRM ePub from your ACSM files.

Method 1. Use The Best eBook DRM Remover

Epubor Ultimate is a powerful tool to manage your eBooks, such as converting eBooks to different formats for all kinds of eReaders, modify meta data and remove DRM from eBooks for easy reading. It is easy to use and help detect device or eBooks for smart importing. Also, it is available for both Mac and Windows PC users.

Main Features of ePubor Ultimate

  • Support converting eBooks in KFX, EPUB, PDF, AZW, AZW1, AZW3, AZW4, Mobi, PRC, TPZ, Topaz, TXT, and HTML;
  • Convert eBooks to ePub, Mobi, AZW3, TXT and PDF;
  • Batch and fast convert;
  • Edit and modify metadata (title, author, identifiers, publishing date, language, publisher, introduction, book cover) ;
  • Remove DRM from eBooks.

Steps to Remove DRM ePub from ACSM Files

  1. Download and install ePubor Ultimate on your mac or Windows PC; 
    Free Download ePubor Mac
    Free Download ePubor Win
  2. Run the program, it will detect all the ePub files you get from the ACSM and display in the left column.
  3. Drag and drop the DRM-protected ePub files to the right column for decryption. Done.remove drm from epub with epubor

Method 2. Use Calibre (Free)

If you read eBooks very often, you should have heard about Calibre, a versatile and simple program to manage eBooks, it allows you to:

Organize and manage your eBooks collection;

  • Read eBooks;
  • Download online eBooks;
  • Edit and modify metadata;
  • Share and backup eBooks;

Calibre itself doesn’t build in the feature to remove DRM from ePub or other eBooks, but allows users to install a plugin to do so, here we recommend DeDRM plugin to remove DRM in Calibre.

Steps to Remove DRM ePub from ACSM Files

  1. Download and install Calibre on your Mac or Windows PC;
  2. Download and install DeDRM plugin
  3. Run Calibre, go to Preferences>Plugins;cabilre preferences
  4. Click “Load plugin from file” and choose the DeDRM plugin you have downloaded onto your computer. Then click “Yes” to continue;load-plugins
  5. Click “Add books” to import eBook files to Calibre;add ebooks to calibre
  6. Once the eBooks are loaded into the program, the plugin will automatically remove DRM from ePub.


To convert ACSM to ePub on Mac or on Windows PC, there are 2 steps required, you have to open and export the ePub file from ACSM with Adobe Digital Editions first, then remove the DRM from ePub for reading or sharing on different devices. Each step require a professional and dedicated program to do the task. As long as we have picked the appropriate tool, we will be able to convert ACSM to ePub in an easy and effective way.

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5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder Apps for Windows and Mac in 2019

Looking for a duplicate photo finder to find and delete unwanted duplicate photos? There are lots of duplicate image finders out there. We tested more than a dozen of the most well-known ones and picked the best of them. This list of top duplicate photo finder software (free and paid) will help you narrow down choices and quickly find the one that best suits your need.

4 quick facts

  1. Almost all duplicate file finders can be used to find duplicate photos. There are still quite a few dedicated photo duplicate finders.
  2. Most of them are desktop or mobile apps which can work perfectly offline. You can also find online services which are used to deal with dupes in cloud storage such as Google Drive.
  3. Some free duplicate photo cleaners can also do the job pretty decently. They are not inferior to or are even better than some paid ones.
  4. Some of them can also find similar photos.

5 criteria to evaluate the best duplicate photo finder software

  1. Performance First of all, it should be able to accurately identify the similarity between images. We also expect high speed and efficiency even when it comes to very large collections of photos.
  2. Usability This could involve ease of use, intuitive interface and satisfying user experience. It’s not only about making it easy to find and remove duplicate images. In addition, the best duplicate photo finders should also provide enough advanced or customization options, allowing users to have more control and improve efficiency.
  3. Compatibility It’s important to have wide support for various image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, WebP, etc. This way, the tool can find all the photo duplicates regardless of formats. Also, users can also benefit from high compatibility with various storage devices such as computer’s internal disk, external HD, memory card, etc.
  4. Preview The preview feature is so important that we list it as an individual criterion here. A duplicate photo finder with preview makes it extremely easy to view and compare groups of dupes and to avoid deleting the ones you actually need.
  5. Versatility Just like duplicates, unwanted similar images can also waste precious disk space. The feature to detect and delete similar photos can be a big plus.

Top 5 duplicate photo finder software (including freeware)

#1 Gemini 2

OS: macOS 10.10 and higher

Developed by MacPaw, Gemini 2 is a macOS-only duplicate file finder with support for file types such as photos, audios, videos and archives. Excelling at identifying and eliminating duplicate photos and similar photos, it can work as a great photo duplicate finder. It’s available in English, German, Spanish and 9 other languages.

What is good?

The scanning algorithms (which are not specified) it uses can rapidly look for duplicate as well as similar pictures in the selected Photos or iPhoto libraries/folders/disks. Thanks to the fast scanning, even users with lots of photos don’t have to wait long. In our test, it only took 36 seconds to scan 8,797 files (taking up 22.68 GB), which is way faster than most similar software.

The best duplicate photo finder is easy to use even for new users due to its intuitive beautiful interface. There are a few useful thoughtful minor features to bring good user experience, such as Cleanup reminder, Restore last session and the option to check for updates automatically. The Select Duplicates feature enables users to choose a selection rule (Automatically, Oldest or Newest, etc.) and then batch select all unwanted duplicate copies with just a click.

It allows high flexibility to customize detection and removal of photo duplicates. Here’s an example. To skip all PNG photos when you scan for dupes, go to Preferences > Ignore List > File Extensions and add .png to the list.

Thanks to the preview feature, you can preview images, videos, audios and even documents in the app. You can zoom in or zoom out the preview by resizing the window of this app.

Gemini 2 preview

What is not so good?

This duplicate photo remover identifies compressed versions of the same photo as similar photos. However, its Similar Images feature only provides three selections rules: Oldest, Newest and Any, which are not enough. If users want to select the smaller-sized versions to delete, they have to do the selection manually. Hopefully, the future update will bring more useful options such as Select Smallest.


By default, this duplicate photo finder will automatically set a minimum file size. As a result, it may skip some small-sized photo duplicates during scanning. To find all dupes regardless of size, go to Preferences > General > Minimum file size, click the dropdown list and choose None.

Gemini 2 preferences

→ Get Gemini 2 to look for and get rid of duplicate and similar images

#2 Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 2003, and all Windows Server OS

Offering an array of basic and advanced features, this duplicate photo finder for Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems is considered the best by many. The long list of supported image types and rich set of advanced features make it a great choice for photographers and professionals.

What is good?

Thanks to the advanced algorithms it uses, this duplicate image finder can quickly and accurately compare images and detect the duplicates, even if some dupes are different in format, bit depth or size. It is also able to find similar images. Duplicate versions with the lower resolution or smaller file size will be marked automatically so that you can easily delete them by one click. Before scanning, you can even specify the image similar level to get a more desirable result.

The large set of advanced features and options can bring high level of customization. Advanced users can use features like Advanced Compare and Filter to make the most of this duplicate photo remover for Windows 10.

It supports over 100 image formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JP2, BMP, ICO, WEBP and Photoshop PSD, which is awesome. What’s more, it also has support for over 300 RAW camera file formats. In addition to the folders and subfolders on your computer’s local drive, it’s also compatible with external and network drives.

You can easily preview and compare the original photos and their duplicate copies in this app. There are two panels: Preview and Multi Preview.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder main screen

What is not so good?

New users may find the user interface a bit overwhelming. It may require a bit of learning before one can know how to properly use this sophisticated duplicate photo finder. But don’t panic. The developer provides a detailed tutorial, which is very helpful. It will walk you through the whole process.


Before scanning, you can use the Filter function to easily exclude files by extension, size or date. It can help reduce scanning time and improve efficiency.

→ Get Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder to effectively eliminate any photo dupes

#3 Cisdem Duplicate Finder

OS: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later

Here’s another macOS-only duplicate photo finder. It’s a duplicate file finder with excellent ability to scan for and remove duplicate images. This app stands out due to its impressive ease of use, powerfulness and versatility. The preview is very convenient with three view modes and a zoom feature.

What is good?

Supporting all common image types like JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIF, this app is able to find duplicate photos as well as the similar ones regardless of filename, format or location. It can accurately and quickly find true dupes by content. At the same time, users can also choose to identify dupes by filename. The ability to remove duplicates from Photos or iPhoto without damaging the library is a big plus.

Thanks to the neat intuitive interface, even new users can smoothly use it without any difficulties. All it takes is three easy steps. One of the great things about this duplicate photo finder is that it offers enough selection rules. It will make things a lot easier.

For duplicate images For similar images
  • Smart Select
  • Select Newest
  • Select Oldest
  • Smart Select
  • Select Newest
  • Select Oldest
  • Select Largest
  • Select Smallest
  • Select Highest Resolution
  • Select Lowest Resolution

Also, it allows high flexibility for customization. You can easily choose scan method and removal method and set image similarity level and minimum & maximum file size. Via Ignore List, you can exclude important files, subfolders or folders from scanning. It’s also possible to ignore certain types of files.

In addition to Mac’s internal disks, Cisdem Duplicate Finder can also work with external HD, SSD, memory card, USB flash drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. It can work perfectly offline and ensure utmost safety.

As mentioned above, the preview feature is very convenient. You can switch between three modes: Thumbnail (side-by-side comparison), List and Info. By zooming in or zooming out, you can get better view and comparison. The preview applies to images, videos, audios, documents, spreadsheets, etc.

It is equally good at finding other types of dupes such as documents, music files, videos, archives, packages, ebooks, etc.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder preview and compare duplicate photos

What is not so good?

The app still doesn’t support Mac dark mode, which will bother many users. Also, the interface looks too simple. Hopefully it will be improved with the upcoming upgrades.

→ Get Cisdem Duplicate Finder to easily remove all duplicates all at once

#4 Easy Duplicate Finder

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP; Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.14.2 Mojave

Available for both Windows and macOS, this duplicate photo finder can be used to clean up duplicate photos on PC, iMac, MacBook, etc.

What is good?

It can quickly scan for and identify duplicate images as well as other types of dupes in selected folders. In addition to the standard scan mode, it also offers several other modes such as Music Scan, iTunes Scan, Photos Scan, Google Drive, etc. Once the scan is finished, it will group detected dupes by file type like pictures, archives, documents, videos, etc. It provides seven selection options, allowing you to auto-select the duplicates based on your choice. For example, you can choose to keep the oldest or newest version in each duplicate group.

The interface displays text instead of icon. As a result, you can easily find and understand each function or option. It’s easy to add/exclude folders to/from scan. You can also directly access the filtering options in the main screen, which is pretty convenient and straightforward. You can effortlessly complete the whole process without additional help or instructions.

Easy Duplicate Finder scanning results

What is not so good?

The scanning speed is a bit slower when compared with the best picks. Also, the price tag is a bit high. That being said, if you need all or most of the functions it offers, the app is worth getting.

Get Easy Duplicate Finder to locate and eliminate duplicate photos and other dupes

#5 Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder (free)

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003 Server, XP, 2000

The best free duplicate photo finder can effectively prevent useless duplicate pictures from taking up room on your PC’s hard drive. Despite being freeware, it’s totally safe to use. It contains no adware, malware or other unwanted software. Freshly updated on September 4, 2019, it adds a new Minimum picture size option, allowing users to skip small pictures. By the way, a portable version is also available.

What is good?

According to our tests, it does a good job of finding exact duplicate images as well as the similar ones. These could include resized or slightly edited images. Although there are only five supported image types (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF), it can be enough in most cases. It is compatible with various devices such internal and portable hard drives, network drives and some external devices.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. You only need to drag some folders into the app, click the Start button and let this lightweight piece of software work its magic. The preview is big enough to provide a good view. When it comes to similar pictures, a similarity level will be provided. There are two removal methods: Move files to Recycle Bin and Delete Files without Confirmation.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder preview duplicate and similar images

What is not so good?

Professional software can make selection very easy by providing auto-select or similar features. This way, users don’t need to select duplicate copies one by one. With this freeware app, you will need to click the trash bin icon below the thumbnail of an unwanted dupe.

→ Get Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder to remove duplicate pictures for free

Other duplicate photo finders worth checking out

  • Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (Windows, Mac)
  • dupeGuru (Windows, Mac, Linux) (freeware, open-source)
  • PhotoSweeper (Mac)
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner (Windows, Mac)
  • Cloud Duplicate Finder (online)
  • Duplicate Media Remover (Android)


Above are the best duplicate photo finder tools you can choose from. A typical duplicate image finder takes three steps to do the removal: scanning, selecting and deleting. The best ones of this kind should be able to do a good job of completing all these steps. For Mac users, we recommend Gemini 2 and Cisdem Duplicate Finder. For Windows users, Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder can be the best choice. By cleaning up dupes on a regular basis, you can free up storage space and make room for more new photos.

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24 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online Free and How to Free Download

Are you looking for some good websites to watch cartoons online free? Here we list 24 best websites, no matter you want a website with abundant cartoon resources or a safe site for your kids to watch cartoons. In addition, 3 ways to free download cartoons for offline watching follow the best website list.

24 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online Free

#1 YouTube


Why Use YouTube?

  • Safe to use;
  • Easy to access to;
  • Require no sign-up;
  • Fast loading;
  • Large collection of old or latest cartoons;
  • Cartoons in different languages are available;
  • Offer 2K, 4K HD cartoons;
  • Allow to comment and exchanges with others;
  • Easy to download YouTube cartoons free with online or professional video downloader;
  • Watch online or on different devices with its mobile app;

Visit YouTube

Try the Best YouTube Downloader for Mac

#2 NetFlix


Why Use Netflix?

  • Safe to use;
  • High definition: 2k, 4k;
  • Fast loading;
  • Cartoon resources are well organized in different categories for quick search;
  • Watch online or on different devices with its mobile app;

Visit Netflix

#3 Hulu


Why Use Hulu?

  • Safe to use;
  • High definition: 2k, 4k;
  • Fast loading;
  • Offer popular cartoon TV or classic cartoons;
  • Categorized cartoons make it easy to search and watch;

Visit Hulu

#4 Vimeo


Why Use Vimeo?

  • Easy to use;
  • Require no signup;
  • High definition;
  • You can find some scarce resources for cartoons;
  • Comment and share cartoons easily;

Visit Vimeo

#5 Disney junior

disney junior

Why Use Disney Junior?

  • Safe to use;
  • Best website to watch cartoons for kids;
  • Fast loading;
  • High definition;

Visit Disney Junior

#6 KissCartoon


Why Use KissCartoon?

  • Require no signup;
  • Watch both cartoons TV series and movies;
  • Fast loading;
  • Massive collection of cartoons;
  • Good definition;

Visit KissCartoon

#7 Cartoon network

cartoon network

Why Use Cartoon Network?

  • Safe to use;
  • Require no signup;
  • Fast loading;
  • High definition;
  • Watch ongoing cartoons free;

Visit Cartoon Network

#8 Animetoon


Why Use Animetoon?

  • Require no signup;
  • Massive collection of cartoons: old to latest ongoing;
  • Different servers for online watching when video broken;
  • You can watch cartoon, Korean drama, dubbed anime and read manga;

Visit Animetoon



Why Use

  • Best websites to watch classic cartoons;
  • Require no sign up;
  • Good definition;
  • Fast loading;


#10 streamcartoonsonline


Why Use Streamcartoonsonline?

  • Offer 2 categories of cartoons: 80’s Cartoons and 90’s Cartoons
  • Fast loading;
  • Require no signup;
  • Long list of classic cartoons;

Visit Streamcartoonsonline

#11 Supercartoons


Why Use Supercartoons?

  • Require no sign up;
  • Good definition;
  • Best website to watch classic cartoons online free;

Visit Supercartoons

#12 Cartoonson


Why Use Cartoonson?

  • Watch cartoons for kids and adults;
  • Fast loading;
  • High definition;

Visit Cartoonson

#13 Nick Cartoons

nick cartoons

Why Use Nick Cartoons?

  • Safe to use;
  • Watch cartoons on iPhone and Android phone;
  • Offer schedule for Cartoon TV series;

Visit Nick Cartoons

#14 Cartoon Network HQ

cartoonnetwork hq

Why Use Cartoon Network HQ?

  • 30 Cartoons for kids;
  • High definition;
  • Require no signup;

Visit Cartoon Network HQ

#15 NewGrounds


Why Use NewGrounds?

  • Watch cartoon movies;
  • Require no signup;
  • High definition;

Visit NewGrounds

#16 SideReel


Why Use SideReel?

  • Safe to use;
  • Well-categorized: top, for big kids, for grownups, for young kids;
  • Massive collection of cartoons;

Visit SideReel

#17 Toonjet


Why Use Toonjet?

  • Recommended to watch classic cartoons (Betty Boop, Felix, Looney Tunes, Popeye, Superman, Tom and Jerry, etc.);
  • Require no signup;

Visit Toonjet

#18 Watch cartoon online


Why Use Watchcartoononline?

  • Cartoon list for easy and fast cartoon search;
  • Massive collection of cartoons: old to latest;
  • Require no signup;

Visit Watchcartoononline

#19 Boomerang


Why Use Boomrang?

  • Safe to use;
  • High definition;
  • Best websites to watch cartoons for kids;

Visit Boomerang

#20 Fox Animation


Why Use Fox?

  • Safe to use;
  • Require no signup;
  • High definition;

Visit Fox

#21 Toonova


Why Use Toonova?

  • Watch ongoing and completed old cartoons online;
  • Massive collection of cartoons;
  • Require no signup;

Visit Toonova

#22 USMovies Animation


Why Use USMovies Animation?

  • Fast loading;
  • High definition;
  • Best websites to watch cartoon movies online;

Visit USMovies

#23 KIMCartoon


Why Use KIMCartoon?

  • Require no signup;
  • Massive collection of cartoons, long list of classic cartoons;

Visit KIMCartoon

#24 TopCartoons


Why Use TopCartoons?

  • Require no signup;
  • Fast loading;
  • Watch classic cartoon series online;

Visit TopCartoons

How to Free Download Cartoons for Offline Watching?

As may have noticed, there are few of above listed 24 websites allowing users to download the cartoons, even though you are allowed to download, you need to pay. Is there any way to free download cartoons? Yes, but you will need the help of an online video downloader, here we recommend following 3 tools.

#1 For Mac Users

iFunia YouTube Downloader is mac program designed to download online videos from YouTube and other 1000+ websites, with original video quality retained, it supports batch and fast downloads.

Why Use iFunia?

  • Download cartoons from YouTube and other websites;
  • Download cartoons from YouTube playlist;
  • Support HD cartoons (2k, 4k, 8k);
  • Save cartoons as MP4 or MP3;
  • Batch download;
  • Fast download;

Steps to Free Download Cartoons on Mac with iFunia

  1. Download and install iFunia YouTube Downloader on Mac.
    Free Download iFunia
  2. Copy the cartoon URL and paste to iFunia.ifunia youtube downloader 01
  3. Then choose format and resolution.ifunia youtube downloader 02
  4. Click the download button to free download cartoons on mac.

#2 For Windows Users

Winx YouTube Downloader is a windows program designed to download online videos from YouTube and other 1000+ websites, which is similar to iFunia YouTube downloader but works on a Windows PC.

Steps to Free Download Cartoons on Windows PC.

  1. Download and install Winx YouTube Downloader on Windows PC.
  2. Click on the URL button, copy and paste the cartoon URL into the program.winx youtube downloader
  3. Choose output and click “Download” to free download cartoons on Windows PC.

#3 Online Free Tool

y2mate is an online free YouTube downloader helping users to free download cartoons from YouTube. It is the one among few can successfully download videos online, also allows users to save cartoons from 144p to 1080p, also export as MP3.

  1. Go to y2mate.
  2. Copy and paste the cartoon URL into the program.y2mate01
  3. Choose output and resolution.y2mate02
  4. Click “Download” to get the cartoons free.

List of Best Cartoons

For cartoons fan, here we also collect a list of best cartoons, including the classic old cartoons and the latest popular ones in 2018-2019.

Top list for latest 2018-2019

  • SpongeBob
  • South Park
  • Big Mouth
  • We Bare Bears
  • The Simpsons
  • Adventure Time
  • Rick and Morty
  • Archer
  • Teen Titans Go
  • Dora the Explorer
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Family Guy
  • Steven Universe
  • The Venture Bros.
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Infinity Train
  • American Dad
  • Final Space
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Pinky Malinky

Top list for classic old cartoons

  • Batman
  • The Jetsons
  • The Transformers
  • Ben 10
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Hey Arnold
  • X-Men
  • King of the Hill
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Bobby’s World;
  • Garfield and Friends
  • The Super Mario Bros.
  • Danger Mouse
  • Galaxy High School
  • The Littles
  • My Little Pony
  • Snorks
  • DuckTales
  • Inspector Gadget


Internet has greatly changed our recreational styles, it is so easy for everyone to access to Internet, and so is watching cartoons online. To free download cartoons for offline watching, a desktop video downloader is always the best choice, it just makes things simple yet effective.

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How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint with High Quality: 3 Easy Ways

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation apps. Sometimes we need to insert PDFs, Word documents and other types of files into PowerPoint for reference or other purposes. This guide will show you how to insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac and Windows different ways for different needs.

It will cover:

  • Method 1: How to insert PDF into PowerPoint as an object
  • Method 2. How to insert PDF into PowerPoint without losing quality
  • Method 3. How to insert PDF into PowerPoint as image with high quality
  • Tip: Rotate inserted PDF in PowerPoint

How to insert PDF into PowerPoint as an object


This is known as the most common way to add PDF file to MS PowerPoint. It’s very easy to operate thanks to the Insert function. The steps below will show you how to do it on Windows PC. Things will be different for Mac users, which will also be covered.

Important: Before you get started, please be sure that the PDF file is not open on your computer.

Step 1. Open your presentation file in PowerPoint for Office 365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016 or PowerPoint 2013, etc. Select the page (commonly known as slide) on which you want to embed a PDF.

Step 2. To insert PDF into PowerPoint as object, from the toolbar, select Insert > Object.

select Object in Insert menu in PowerPoint

In the Insert Object window, select Create from file. Click the Browse button and add the PDF file.

select Create from file in Insert Object window

Step 3. Click OK. The first page of the PDF will appear in your PowerPoint presentation as image.

To access the rest part of a multiple page PDF, you need to double-click the image, and the entire PDF file will be opened by the associated app (like Acrobat Reader) on your computer.

Note: The inserted PDF page (displayed as image) will lose quality, so it may end up looking blurry. To perform the embedding without losing quality, please check out the second method.

Pro tip: Insert PDF into PowerPoint as icon or link

You can also choose to display the inserted PDF as icon or link instead of as a preview image of the first page.

After you finish the second step in the section above, find the two options: Display as icon and Link. If you select the former option, the embedded PDF file will appear as a PDF icon. You can drag it around and place it anywhere you want in a slide.

To embed a PDF link into PowerPoint, select the checkbox next to Link. It will create and insert a link pointing to the PDF file location on your computer. If the PDF is deleted, moved, or if the PowerPoint file is opened on a different device, the link will be broken.


PowerPoint for Mac also provides the Insert function. However, the object inserting is relatively limited in the macOS version. When you try to insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac using Insert Object, an error message will pop up. The good news is there is a workaround.

Step 1. Add a new slide to your presentation.

Step 2. Drag the PDF file into PowerPoint for Mac. And a new window will appear, asking you to select the specific PDF you want to add. Enter the page number.

Step 3. Click Insert. The selected PDF page will display on the newly created slide as an image.

Note: Unlike with the Windows version, nothing will happen if you double-click the image. The advantage is that you can add entire PDF by repeating these three steps.

Alternatively, users of PowerPoint for Office 365/2019/2016/2011 for Mac can also choose to add a link to the PDF file to your presentation.

insert PDF into PowerPoint for Mac by adding hyperlink

How to insert PDF into PowerPoint without losing quality

This method comes with the following main benefits.

  • Allow you to do the embedding without quality loss
  • Easily insert specific, multiple pages of a PDF into PowerPoint
  • Add selected PDF text, image, form and other contents into PowerPoint
  • Keep the original formatting, image quality, etc.
  • Make it possible to edit PDFs (including scanned PDFs) in PowerPoint

It will involve use of software like PDF Converter OCR (Mac), Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR (Mac) and Nitro Pro (Windows). Here we will take the app PDF Converter OCR for example and show you how to insert step by step.

Step 1. Download and install PDF Converter OCR on Mac. Launch it.

Step 2. Drag one or more PDF files into the app. Click the output format dropdown list next to Advanced Settings. Select to PPTX. Click Convert.

select PPTX as output format

Tip: If you only need to add certain pages from PDF to PowerPoint, you can select Range and specify page range.

Step 3. To insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac, open the converted file in PowerPoint and switch to Normal view. Among the slide thumbnails, select the slides you want to insert into your presentation, control-click and select Copy. Alternatively, you can also select Edit > Copy in the toolbar.

Step 4. Open your presentation. Control-click the slide below which you want to add the PDF page(s) and choose Paste.

Now the PDF pages you need have been successfully added to presentation.

Pro tips

  • You can rearrange slides based on your need by dragging slide(s) to desired location.
  • Instead of inserting entire PDF pages, you can add specific text, graphic, table, image, etc. by coping from the converted PDF file and pasting to PowerPoint.

Note: If you directly copy contents from the original PDF, it can result in garbling of text, losing of formatting and other issues, as shown in the screenshots below.

a table in the original PDF file

A table in the original PDF file

insert PDF table into PowerPoint without losing quality

This is how the table looks like once inserted into PowerPoint after the PDF is converted to PPTX with the app PDF Converter OCR. The formatting is retained.

formatting lost

Directly copy and paste the table from PDF to PowerPoint. The formatting is lost.

How to insert PDF into PowerPoint as image

It’s also possible to insert PDF content into PowerPoint as a clear image.

Important: Don’t minimize your PDF reader. Make sure that the content you need is clearly visible in the current PDF window.

Step 1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview or any PDF viewer you prefer.

Step 2. Open PowerPoint and choose the slide where you need to add the PDF content. From the toolbar, select Insert > Screenshot.

select Screenshot in Insert menu

You should find your PDF file being the first in the Available Windows list.

Available Windows section under Screenshot option in Insert menu

Step 3. Below the Available Windows section, select Screen Clipping. And the window of your PDF reader will show up.

Step 4. Select the specific PDF content like you would do with a normal screenshot. Once done, the selected content will appear on the slide of your presentation as a clear picture.

Tip: Rotate inserted PDF in PowerPoint

Above are the three common ways to insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac and Windows. In reality, we may often need to rotate the inserted PDF pages.

I’m turning a 4-page PDF into a folding brochure and need to turn pages 1 and 4 upside-down on the first of two PowerPoint slides. ― A question from Microsoft Community

Microsoft PowerPoint only allows users to change slide orientation between landscape and portrait. Note that the orientation change will be applied to all slides in a presentation.

To rotate the inserted PDF to any angle, the best way is to add PDF contents as image. This way, you can easily rotate or flip a picture using the rotation handle or the Drawing Tools.

rotate inserted PDF image using the rotation handle


Hopefully this article helps you with how to insert PDF into PowerPoint. All the methods are easy to operate. And they can meet most of the needs. For those who deal with PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and similar files a lot, it’s a good idea to use professional software like PDF Converter OCR due to its versatility and support for various formats.

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