MOBI is a Mobipocket eBook file definitely designed for e-Readers or mobile devices. We often need to convert MOBI to EPUB, because:

  • EPUB is much better compatible with complex typography, charts, formulas, etc. than the MOBI.
  • EPUB is popularly used for most devices and e-Readers, like iPhone, Adobe Digital Editions, iTouch, iRiver Story HD, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo Vox, etc., but MOBI is not.
  • EPUB is an open standard, so there will be more choices in development tools, such as Calibre, Sigil, and Jutoh. They enable users to self-produce ePub eBooks.

When you’re ready to convert Kindle e-books to EPUB on Mac, Windows or mobile, find an e-book converter. Here are top 8 MOBI to ePub converters for you to check out.

MOBI to EPUB Converter for Desktop

#1. Calibre (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Calibre is a one-stop eBook manager abounding with absorbing features. It helps you create your individual eBooks, and catalogue eBooks into a well-organized digital library. It supports a myriad of out formats, including EPUB, MOBI, DOCX, TXT, RTF, AZW3, PDF, ZIP, PDB, etc. You can convert MOBI to EPUB without an active network connection.

  1. Import a MOBI file by clicking on “Add books” up on the top left (just click the right center of the icon), or drag the MOBI file to the middle of the software straightway.

    convert mobi to epub using Calibre 01

  2. Once you got the MOBI file into the Calibre, go up to where it says “Convert books” (also click the center).
  3. It brings out a dialog box. Choose the EPUB as an output format (leave it on the default).
  4. Edit the information of the output file. You can put in the title, author name, publisher, etc. and change cover image.

    convert mobi to epub using Calibre 03

  5. Click the “OK” button to convert MOBI to EPUB on Mac, Windows or Linux.

#2. EPubsoft EBook Converter (Windows, Mac, Online)

EPubsoft EBook Converter is a piece of goodish eBook software that supports 5 output formats (EPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI, DOC) and 22 output profiles (Kindle DX, Kobo Reader, Nook Color, Sony Reader, etc.). It’s fast to convert MOBI to EPUB in a batch, with the file name, path, size, and status displayed.

When you download the program, it may not be opened. You will need to run the System Preferences > Security & Privacy to allow it.

  1. Click “Add eBooks” to import the MOBI files or drag the files into it.
  2. Choose EPUB as target format from the left region.
  3. Click on “View more options” to choose the device.
  4. Tick “Show Book Cover” to preview the cover. (Optional)
  5. Select the output directory and convert MOBI to EPUB.

    convert mobi to epub using EPubsoft

#3. iPubsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter (Windows, Mac)

As its name implies, iPubsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter exclusively aims at converting Mobipocket formats (MOBI or PRC) to EPUB. You can create multiple EPUB files to Kindle MOBI with the aid of iPubsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter. Although its function is monotonous, the app will also keep the file quality and bring decent user experience to you.

  1. Click on the “Add file” button to load the MOBI file. Or you can drag the file to the middle of the program. Note: in my test, only the first file can be dragged into the software successfully.
  2. Click the “Browser” button and choose an output location.
  3. Click on the “Start” button to convert MOBI to EPUB.

    convert mobi to epub using iPubsoft

Before conversion, check the input files via name, size, and status.

Best MOBI to EPUB Converter for Android and iPhone

#1. Ebook Converter (Android)

Ebook Converter is one of the most powerful MOBI to EPUB converters on Google Play that enables you to convert eBook files to other formats. It supports a huge list of both input and output eBook formats, including FB2, AZW3, OEB, MOBI, LIT, EPUB, TCR, SNB, RB, etc. Not only does it have the built-in proprietary technology but also intuitive UI combined with prompted texts.

  1. Tap the “+” button, it will pop out three icons. The file icon allows your add single file from internal shared storage. The folder icon lets you add multiple MOBI files. When tapping the search icon, it will detect all the MOBI, PDF, EPUB, TXT, etc. files from your Android.
  2. Add the MOBI files that you want to convert to the FILES tab.
  3. Switch to CONVERTING tab > choose the output format > modify the conversion settings > tap convert button.
  4. The app will begin to convert MOBI to EPUB on Android. And you can check the process in the RESULT tab.

    convert mobi to epub using ebook converter android

#2. The Ebook Converter (iPhone, iPad)

The Ebook Converter is an iOS tool known for working magic with eBooks, documents and images. It features an open-and-shut interface and fairly prompt conversion speed. You can convert files to a board range of eBook formats, including EPUB, AZW3, PDF, TCR, FB2, MOBI and more. Also, you can obtain the converted eBooks on your computer with iTunes File Sharing.

  1. Add the MOBI file from another app, URL, iBooks or anywhere.
  2. Select your output format- Ebook (.epub).
  3. Start o convert MOBI to EPUB on iPhone.
  4. Open the converted file in Kindle, iBooks or anywhere.
  5. Share your EPUB file. (Optional)

    convert mobi to epub using the ebook converter iphone

MOBI to EPUB Converter Online

#1. is yet a marvelous eBooks converter that’s worth a place here as far as converting MOBI to EPUB online. It also accepts a variety of conversion types like AZW4 to PDF, OEB to TXT, HTML to MOBI, PDB to FB2 and so on. Meanwhile, this online MOBI to EPUB converter offers super cool options for customizing the eBook reader, title, author and encoding. You can convert up to 10 MOBI files to EPUB format. It’s totally free to use without a hidden fee.

  1. Click the grey area to add the eBooks or drop them into the grey area.
  2. Select the target format.
  3. Finish the settings. (Optional)
  4. Convert the eBooks.
  5. Download the EPUB files from the status.

    convert mobi to epub online with e-conv

#2. is a simple web service with a self-explanatory name. It supports 15-page languages and to converts up 20 MOBI files all at once. The mass upload files of up to 50MB in size. With this online MOBI to PDF converter, you will be able to convert eBooks free without watermark and installation.

  1. Click on the “UPLOAD FILES” button or drop your MOBI files to the tool.
  2. Click the “Download All” button.
  3. The converted EPUB files will be in a ZIP archive. Double-click the ZIP to decompress them.

    convert mobi to epub online with mobi2epub

Convert DRM-protected MOBI to EPUB

Epubor Ultimate is an eBook DRM removal and conversion application out there. It can remove DRM from Kindle, e-Reader, Adobe, Kobo and convert them to different formats (EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF, and TXT) like a cork. Thanks to Epubor MOBI to EPUB converter, you can read DRMed Kindle eBooks freely and make eBook reading a comfortable enjoyment.

  1. Connect your e-reader to the Mac or Windows, the program will detect the MOBI files and display them. Or you can import the downloaded MOBI files from the computer directly.
  2. Drag Kindle files to the right of the window, the DRM will be decrypted automatically and saved in a new folder.
  3. Edit your eBook with metadata. (Optional)
  4. Choose “Convert to EPUB”, all your DRM-protected MOBI files will be converted to EPUB immediately.

    Convert DRM-protected MOBI to ePub

Calibre has the ability to remove DRM from Kindle eBooks as well. But you should complete the work with the assistance of two plugins:

DeDRM Plugin:

KFX Input Plugin:

MOBI Format

Both MOBI and AZW are amazon’s official eBook formats. Their growth depends in large part on the popularity of Amazon (a huge content provider), and its Kindle e-book reader.

MOBI is an older format, and AZW is just another form of MOBI. You can say, AZW adds a protective shell to MOBI, and Amazon uses it to lock e-books with DRM.

Most of the MOBI files come from two sources: converted from EPUB, PDF, TXT files or come out from Amazon store. The latter are either officially produced by Amazon, or published by authors through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing, which empowers authors to bypass the publishers and release e-books directly on Amazon.)

When I search the keyword “MOBI to EPUB” on Google, it recommends the result- “best PDF to EPUB converter” as well. So, for users who are looking for a PDF to EPUB converter app, I think you can take a crack at Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.


This guide introduces 8 pieces of MOBI to EPUB converter software for various platforms. All of them carry out the mission efficiently and produce better results. If you don’t often read the EPUB eBooks, free or online converter is enough. But if you need remove the DRM or convert MOBI files from Kindle to EPUB, a dedicated program like Epubor Ultimate is helpful.

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