Today, we are going to give an unbiased review on Ummy Video Downloader, talking about if it is safe to use, its pros and cons, its latest version to download, etc.

What is Ummy Video Downloader?

You many have realized that Ummy Video Downloader is a tool helping users to download YouTube videos to your computer, but is this all Ummy Video Downloader can do for you? No, check the list of its main features:

  • Download videos from YouTube, including HD, 4K;
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3;
  • Download YouTube Playlist;

Or put it simply, Ummy Video Downloader enables users to extract most of the video or audio contents from YouTube easily.

Is Ummy Video Downloader a Virus?

No, it is clean and safe to use Ummy Video Downloader.

As per my own downloading for this program, there is no virus or bundled malware coming with the installation. Even, there is no distractive ads cluttered on the interface, you are only guided to purchase a license when reaching free trial limitations.

ummy is not virus

The Review

1. Availability

Ummy Video Downloader is available for both Windows users and Mac users. But one thing makes me and may make you feel confused is that, when visiting its official website, we are directed to its Mac version only and you cannot find any portal to download the Windows version on its main page. As I later realized that, Ummy offers its Windows version on another website, you need to download the Windows version on this page.

Ummy Video Downloader for Windows

Official website:

Download Address:

Latest Version for Download: 1.68

Installer Size: 14.6MB

OS support: macOS 10.9 and later

Ummy Video Downloader for Mac

Official website:

Download Address:

Latest Version for Download: Installer Size: 37.3MB

OS support: Windows Vista/XP, Windows 7/8/10 2.

2. Free Trial Limits

Comparing with other video downloaders, Ummy Video Downloader takes the strictest limitations on its free trial, any users are allowed to download ONLY 1 youtube video for free. To download more videos with this program, you will have to pay to get the license. You can check the price tag as following. Still, if you have checked other video downloaders, the price for Ummy is not that competitive.

ummy price tag

3. Interface

The Interface of Ummy Video Downloader is quite neat and simple. Users only need to insert the video link in the address column, then choose output format later. There is no extra toolbar or button on the interface. Once the video link is pasted into the interface, a video thumbnail will appear, with the duration of the video showed.

ummy interface

4. Speed

When mentioning speed, we are talking about the speed for analyzing videos and the speed for downloading videos. And apparently, the speed of Ummy Video Downloader is quite ordinary, it is the average of all video downloaders in the market.

As per my tests, it takes approx. 20s to analyze a 4-minute video, while take another 20s to download it from YouTube. For videos with longer duration, it takes more time.

5. Output

Ummy Video Downloader allows users to download YouTube videos in both MP4 or MP3 formats, also users can choose the video quality. And the real-time size of downloaded video can be displayed for your information.

6. Download

Talking about its success rate to download a YouTube video, Ummy won’t let users down. When downloading some short videos, about 95% videos can be downloaded successfully, when downloading some long or large videos, it may pause or crash sometimes, but still can offer a higher success rate to finish the downloading than its competitors.

7. Quality for Downloaded Videos

Well, the quality of downloaded videos depends on the original YouTube video.

Therefore, you are recommended to pick those versions with higher resolution for downloading. Since Ummy allows users to choose different resolution, if you care about the video quality, choose HD version, if you want to get the video with a smaller size, choose lower resolutions.

download quality

Review Summary


  • Download (Short) videos fast;
  • Download videos in both MP4 and MP3 format;
  • Download YouTube playlist;
  • Show real-time size for videos with different resolutions;
  • Retain original video quality;


  • Perform relatively poor when downloading large or long videos;
  • Download only from YouTube;
  • Relatively high price;
  • Only 1 video can be downloaded with its free trial

Most Suitable For:

Ummy Video Downloader is an ideal tool to download relatively short videos from YouTube, such as music video or tutorial videos. To download large or long videos, try its alternatives as we recommend in the following.

How to Install Ummy Video Downloader?

After the Ummy Video Downloader review, you may decide to have a try on this program. And here, we are going to show how to install Ummy Video Downloader. Since I am a Mac user, I will do this on my Mac. But no worries for Windows users, the steps are much more easier, just do as the way you install other Windows programs.

  1. Download the installer onto your Mac.
  2. Double click on the DMG file.
  3. Drag the icon to your Desktop or Application folder.install ummy 01
  4. Once drag the icon to preferred location, right click on the icon and choose “Open” to finish the installing.

install ummy 02

Best Alternative to Ummy Video Downloader

Or maybe you are still looking for a better solution than Ummy Video Downloader. Here, we pick iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac users, while choose Winx YouTube Downloader for Windows users.

Best Mac Alternative to Ummy—iFunia YouTube Downloader

iFunia YouTube Downloader is a Mac tool designed to download videos and music from YouTube and other 1000+ websites. It supports 2k, 4k and 8k videos, also convert videos to MP3.

  • Download videos from YouTube and other 1000+ websites;
  • Download YouTube playlist;
  • Save YouTube and other online videos as MP3 format;
  • Support 2k, 4k, 8k and allows to adjust resolution for downloaded videos;
  • Batch download online videos
  • No Ads or Pop-ups for downloaded videos
  • Preserve original video quality.

Free Trial on iFunia YouTube Downloader Now!

Best Windows Alternative to Ummy—Winx YouTube Downloader

Winx YouTube Downloader is a Windows program helping users to download YouTube and other online videos from 600+ websites. It supports batch downloading and enables users to grab picture from video.

  • Download videos from YouTube and other 600+ websites;
  • Download YouTube playlist;
  • Export videos as FLV, WebM, MP4 or MP3;
  • Support 2k and 4k videos;
  • Capture pictures from video;
  • Batch download online videos;
  • Retain video quality;

Free Trial on Winx YouTube Downloader


So, how do you think about Ummy Video Downloader, will you give it a try? Indeed, you should try, but if you require high, try its alternative mentioned above, you will be able to make a smarter decision then.

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