is one of the most used online video downloaders. Unfortunately, KeepVid shut down the video download service in March 2018, which means now you can’t use KeepVid to download videos from YouTube and other sites it used to support. The good news is that there are KeepVid alternative sites and desktop apps that can do an equally good or even better job.

This article will cover:

  • Online KeepVid alternatives
  • Desktop KeepVid alternatives
  • Bonus: KeepVid Music alternative

KeepVid quick facts

  1. KeepVid used to have three products: (free), KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music.
  2. The online download service was shut down on March 16, 2018. KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music haven’t been updated since then.
  3. The new is an online video toolkit with features like video conversion and editing.

Note: The rest of the article will refer to the old KeepVid as KeepVid.

Online KeepVid alternatives

This part will talk about sites like could download videos and audios from 28 supported sites including YouTube. It didn’t allow batch download.

the old KeepVid site


This KeepVid alternative is an established name in the world of video downloading. Just like KeepVid, it supports a number of popular video sharing sites and social networking platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Another shared feature is audio extraction. Clip Converter can also download video to MP3 from YouTube and other supported sites.

best alternative to

The support for 4K videos is one of the things that make the best alternative. Once it finishes analyzing a video URL, the web-based video downloader and converter will list all the quality levels available for download. Those can include 4K 2160p, 2K 1440p, full HD 1080p and lower resolutions, depending on the source file. In total, the KeepVid alternative provides 8 conversion formats.

Video formats Audio formats

For 2K and 4K videos, the only available video formats are MKV and WEBM.

In Conversion Options, you can set this alternative to KeepVid to download specific part of a video. There is also an option for you to edit file name.

In addition to the web version, ClipConverter also provides extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. However, when adding this extension to your Internet browser, you will be required to also install an extension called TamperMonkey.

Just like other online video downloaders, this KeepVid alternative has some drawbacks. Sometimes, when you click the Continue button, it will redirect you to a potentially malicious site. Also, there isn’t a batch mode. In addition, it doesn’t allow you to download music videos and other videos that contain music.


  • Multiple supported sites
  • Multiple output video and audio formats
  • Perfect support for 1080p, 2K and 4K content
  • Some useful options for customization


  • Not available for videos containing music

Note: The Pros & Cons won’t include advantages and disadvantages shared by most web-based video downloaders.


Started as an online video conversion service, the KeepVid alternative introduced the video download function in the year of 2015. You can use it to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, VK, TED and many more sites. By default, the download format is MP4, and the video quality option is Automatic. In our tests, with Automatic being the quality option, the downloaded videos are in 720p, regardless of the chosen download format, even when the source files are in 4K.

To download videos in formats other than MP4, you need to click the Format dropdown list. There are 7 video formats and 7 audio formats in total. By clicking More Settings, you can select resolution and set it to download certain part of a video.

KeepVid alternative OnlineVideoConverter

Obviously, you can’t find any option higher than 1080p in the Video Quality dropdown list. At first, we had no idea if it can download 4K videos due to the confusion caused by the Automatic option. Based on the tests, we believe that the highest supported quality is 1080p. If you successfully download 2K or 4K videos using this alternative to KeepVid, please let us know in the comment section, and we will update the information accordingly.


  • Enough output video and audio formats
  • Various supported sites
  • Offers the option to save the downloaded video directly to Dropbox


  • No support for quality levels higher than HD 1080p


SaveVid advertises itself as the fastest online video downloader. This KeepVid alternative can download videos and audios from YouTube, Dailymotion and some other popular sites that provide video content. On its page, it describes in detail what it can do and gives step-by-step instructions on the download process.

Just like KeepVid, this alternative supports various quality levels, ranging from SD to HD. However, it lacks support for resolutions higher than 1080p. The biggest disadvantage is that any 1080p video it downloads doesn’t have sound. Different from ClipConverter, this alternative does allow users to download videos with music in them.


Click the Download button, and the KeepVid alternative will start saving video to your computer or mobile device. However, sometimes it’s not the case. Instead, the browser will automatically play the video after you click the button. Don’t worry. Click the three-dot icon at the lower right corner of the player window and select the Download option.


  • Supports the most popular sites
  • Downloads videos to different video and audio formats
  • Takes just one click to download audio only


  • Doesn’t support 2K and higher resolutions
  • Download 1080p videos with no sound

Quick Summary

Web-based video downloaders like KeepVid and some of its alternatives are easy and handy to use. No software installation is required. In addition, they are widely applicable and supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. However, they unusually have the following common downsides.

  • Low download speed
  • Annoying ads, popups or even malicious redirects
  • Limited supported sites
  • No batch mode
  • Not enough support for high resolutions such as 4K
  • Can’t download playlist

Note: If you are looking for an online app that can replace, you may have found the site There isn’t any evidence that the site is provided by the KeepVid team.

Desktop KeepVid alternatives

To offer better video download service, KeepVid released KeepVid Pro, a desktop video downloader available for both Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, the app is discontinued, and its download function doesn’t work anymore. But don’t worry. There are some excellent video downloaders for computer.

#1 Cisdem Video Converter for Mac

Despite the name, this KeepVid alternative for Mac actually comes with a great video download feature.

  • Supports over 1000 sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and Instagram
  • Downloads SD, Full HD 1080p, 2K and Ultra HD 4K videos
  • Offers a batch download mode
  • High download speed
  • Converts downloaded videos to any video or audio format for playback on almost all devices
  • Offers other useful features like video compression, DVD ripping and video editing


Below is how to use the best KeepVid alternative for Mac to download videos from any supported site.

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem Video Converter on your Mac. Launch it.

Step 2. Copy and paste a video link address in the URL field. Click the download icon. If you want to batch download, just paste multiple URLs. Once it finishes analyzing URL, the download will automatically start.

best KeepVid alternative for Mac

Step 3. This step is optional. To convert the downloaded videos to desired formats, just drag them into the conversion interface and select the formats you need.

convert downloaded video if needed

#2 iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

Here’s another KeepVid alternative for macOS. Designed to be a professional video downloader, it can save videos from more than 1000 sites to your computer.

  • More than 1000 supported sites
  • Excellent support for SD, 1080p, 2K, 4K and even 8K videos
  • Can download videos directly to MP3 files
  • Downloads entire YouTube playlists
  • Fast download


Step 1. Download this free KeepVid alternative and get it installed. Open it.

Step 2. Add videos to the download list by coping URLs or dragging video thumbnails.

To download a playlist, just copy the playlist URL. You can remove any unwanted video in the playlist by unselecting the checkbox before it.

a free YouTube video downloader that can replace KeepVid

Step 3. Just like KeepVid Pro, this alternative allows you to easily select the resolution you need. Click the red download icon to start the download process.

#3 DLNow Video Downloader

It is one of the simplest KeepVid alternatives for Windows, without setting up anything, you just need to drag-n-drop or copy paste the video/playlist links in the main interface, then you are able to get the offline videos you need. In addition, it supports to download HD 4K videos, which can bring you an excellent visual feast.

  • Supports to download from 800+ sites.
  • Download playlist and channels.
  • Save videos as mainstream format MP4 and MP3.
  • Download videos in Ultra HD 4K, 3D and 60fps.


Step 1. Run this KeepVid alternative after installing on your PC.

Step 2. Drag-n-drop or copy paste the video/playlist links in the main interface.

Step 3. Choose an output format and click the Download button.

KeepVid alternatives for mobile devices

There are also Android apps that can be used for the purpose of video downloading. One of the best KeepVid alternatives for Android is All Video Downloader. For iPhone users, things can be a bit tricky, but apps like Documents can be helpful.

Bonus: KeepVid Music alternative

Just like the other two KeepVid products, KeepVid Music is also gone. This app is designed to be a music manager with main functions like Download, Record, Organize, Transfer and Discover. Among the new KeepVid products, there is a new app related to music, but it’s quite different from the old one. If you are looking for a KeepVid Music alternative, iMusic can be the best choice. This alternative has almost all the functions KeepVid Music has. It has a Mac edition and a Windows edition. You can try it for free.

KeepVid Music interface

KeepVid Music

KeepVid Music alternative



KeepVid used to be a big name when it comes to downloading videos. It’s probably still true now, but the online app and its desktop version can’t do the job now. Thanks to its alternatives, it’s still easy to download videos and even playlists from YouTube and other sites. For an occasional need to save online videos, online apps are enough. If you regularly download videos (especially the 1080p and 4K ones), their desktop counterparts such as Freemake Video Downloader can be a better choice.

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