The popularity of K-pop continues globally, many fans are looking for different platforms to communicate with their idols. While, V Live, the South Korean live video streaming service offers such a great place for the Korean celebrities to broadcast live videos and communicate with their fans. And there must be a reason that you just want to download a Vlive video from your idol for offline watching or editing.

Here we collect 3 ways to download Vlive videos with Subs, no matter you are looking for a free Vlive downloader, or need to download Vlive videos onto mobile phone or computer.

Best Free Vlive Video Downloader

To download Vlive videos online free, you can utilize following 2 best free Vlive video downloader on your Mac or Windows PC.

#1 saveclipbro

SaveClipBro allows users to download videos from YouTube and other video streaming platforms for free. It not only supports downloading Vlive and other online videos as 11 video formats, but also helps to extract audio from online video in 9 formats.


  • Download Vlive and online videos in 11 video formats (MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, WEBM, MKV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3G2, OGV);

  • Extract audio from Vlive or other online videos, and save as MPT, M4A, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, OPLUS, AIFF;

  • Allow choosing different video resolution;


  • Time-consuming to download and convert Vlive videos;

  • No batch download support;

How to Download Vlive Videos for Free with SaveClipBro?

  1. Go to;
  2. Open the Vlive website, find and open the Vlive video you want to download, find the URL on the video page and copy the URL;copy vlive url
  3. Then paste the Vlive URL to saveclipbro, click ‘Start”;
  4. Choose video resolution and output;saveclipbrr 02
  5. Then click “Convert” to download the Vlive video;
  6. Once the downloading finishes, click “Download your file” to get the Vlive video.saveclipbro 03

#2 Catchvideo

Comparing with SaveClipBro, Catchvideo can download Vlive videos faster. It is another online free Vlive video downloader allowing users to download videos from YouTube, Vlive and other video websites. Even, it supports downloading 4k video.


  • Download fast;

  • Support 4k video downloading;

  • Allow choosing video resolution for output;


  • Only download as MP4 format;

  • No batch download support;

How to Download Vlive Videos for Free with Catchvideo?

  1. Go to;
  2. Open the Vlive video and copy the video URL;
  3. Paste the URL into catchvideo, click “Catch”;
  4. Once ready, right click on the “Download”icon, then choose “Save Link As”;
  5. Choose the output folder and save the Vlive videos to your computer.catchvideo

How to Download Vlive Videos to Computer?

To download a Vlive video to Mac or Windows PC, users are recommended to use a professional Vlive video downloader that allows batch and good-quality downloads.

For users on Mac and Windows PC, the choice would be different and you will find the best one as following.

Download Vlive Videos on Mac

For Mac users who want to download Vlive or other online videos, iFunia YouTube Downloader is a good choice. It is an online video downloader to get videos and extract audios from 1000+ websites with good quality.

Main Features:

  • Download videos from V live, YouTube and other 1000+ websites;
  • Support 2k, 4k, 8k videos
  • Batch download
  • Allow choosing video resolution
  • Extract audio from online videos
  • High quality
  • Fast downloads
Free Download for Mac

How to Download Vlive Videos on Mac?

  1. Download and install iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac;
  2. Open V Live website and copy the video URL;
  3. Then paste the Vlive video URL to iFunia (also iFunia can detect an video URL and auto paste to the URL address column);ifunia download vlive videos 01
  4. Choose video resolution, then click “Download” icon to get the Vlive videos.ifunia download vlive videos 02

Download Vlive Videos on Windows PC

Allavsoft is a tool makes it easy to batch download videos/audios from on your PC. You can directly download the vlive online video to the format you need in one-click. Otherwise, except vlive, it supports to download from 1000+ other websites as well.

Main Features:

  • Batch download and convert;
  • Download videos in a high quality;
  • Support to download channels;
  • Download music from Spotify;
Free Download for Windows

How to Download Vlive Videos on Windows PC?

  1. Download and install Allavsoft on your Windows PC;
  2. Go to, copy and paste the video/channel links in the program;

3. (Optional) Check “Automatically convert to” and select a format you want to convert to.

4. Click Download button to start to download.

How to Download Vlive Videos to Mobile Phone?

For years, we have got used to play videos and audios on our mobile phone to entertain ourselves at anytime and anywhere. And this is the reason why so many K-pop fans are looking for a method to download Vlive videos into their iPhone or Android phone. However, it is pitiful that Vlive app doesn’t allow downloading within the program.

In fact, if you want to save a Vlive video to your mobile phone, you can choose to download them to your PC first, then transfer the videos via USB or file transfer programs. But if you want to download the Vlive videos directly on your phone, keep reading.

Download Vlive Videos On iPhone

First, you need to download a free app called Documents from Readdle, it is a super powerful file manager to open, download and watch media files or other files on iPhone or iPad. Also, it comes with a browser to search and download videos for free. It is available in App Store.

  1. Download Documents in App Store and install on your iPhone;
  2. Tap on the Web Browser icon to launch it;
  3. Then input the the URL of an online free Vlive video downloader, for example, Also, you can input the URLs for other online video downloader;download vlive videos on iphone 01
  4. Open your Vlive App, click the “Share” button below the preferred Vlive video and copy the URL;
  5. Then paste the Vlive URL to Documents web browser;
  6. Choose output and video quality;
  7. Then click “Download your file” to get the Vlive videos;
  8. Go back to Documents>Downloads, now you can watch the video with vlive videos on iphone 02

Download Vlive Videos On Android Phone

The way to download Vlive videos on Android phone is quite similar to that on an iPhone. But since Documents is only available for iOS, we need to install a web browser (recommend Google, free) and a video player (recommend VLC, free) on your Android phone in advance.

  1. Open your Vlive App, click the “Share” button below the preferred Vlive video and copy the URL;
  2. Go to Google Chrome web browser, input and open the online free Vlive downloader web:;
  3. Then paste the Vlive URL to SaveClipBro;
  4. Choose output and video resolution;
  5. Then tap on “Download your files” to get the Vlive video;
  6. Then paly the video in VLC videp player;


To download a Vlive video, the easiest way is picking up a dedicated online video downloader which is capable of downloading in batch and preserve good quality. While for users who want to download Vlive videos onto their iPhone or Android phone, it is a little complicate and they need to pre-install some programs (web browser, video player, file transfer app) to process the downloads.

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