The back to school season 2019 is coming. How can you get your kids prepared to go back to school? Coloring pages can be a great way to get young children excited about school and learning. Here you can find some of the best back to school coloring pages of different themes for kindergarten, first grade and other grades.

Top 9 free printable back to school coloring pages

1. Back 2 School Coloring Page PDF

Print or download

back 2 school coloring page

2. School Supplies Coloring Page PDF

Print or download

the school supplies theme

3. The First Day of School Sign printable

Print or download

first day of school sign coloring page

4. Excited School Kids

Print or download

excited school kids

5. School Coloring Page PDF

Print or download

school coloring page

6. 1st Day of School Printable PDF

Print or download

first day of school

7. Back to School Backpack PDF

Print or download

back to school backpack coloring pages

8. Mickey Mouse Goes To School

Print or download

Mickey Mouse Goes To School coloring page

9. Maths Class

Print or download

back to school math coloring sheet

Websites to download or print back to school coloring pages


  • Number of back to school coloring pages: 17
  • Themes: all about me, word search, etc.

On its Back to School page, you can find free individual back to school coloring themed pages PDFs of various themes such as school house, back to school word search and first day of school. It’s easy to find the one you need. Some of them can also be end of school coloring pages. By scrolling down, you will also find five other categories related to Back to School. Grade Signs is one of them.

black to school coloring pages from classroomdoodles

To print a coloring page, just click its thumbnail, which will open a PDF file in your browser. Once the file is loaded completely, right-click/control-click and select Print. Click Save As instead if you need to download it. It can be a good idea to merge coloring pages into one coloring book.

print coloring page


  • Number: 42
  • Themes: school bus, classroom, etc.

There is a category dedicated to back to school coloring pages. The easy school supplies coloring pages are especially for suitable for preschool kids. By clicking NEXT in the upper right corner, you will discover more themes. Parents can make simple school life stories using coloring pages, which can help encourage and motivate kids.

easy coloring pages from

Once you click the thumbnail of a back to school coloring page, a new tab will open in your browser. Click Print Template to open the Print window. Customize settings based on your need. You can also choose to download images of back to school coloring pages to your device.


  • Number: 9
  • Themes: first day of school, school scramble, etc.

Crayola provides a wide variety of categories of coloring pages, ranging from Adult Coloring to the Back to School Season. One can see how many times each coloring page has been printed. The one entitled School Supplies is easily the most popular. The downside is that there are only nine such coloring pages offered.

To print these back to school themed coloring pages, just click the thumbnail and then click the Print Now button.

back to school themed coloring pages from


  • Number: 79
  • Themes: back to school backpack, school bus, etc.

Here you can always find the best coloring pages for upcoming school seasons and holidays. Now it’s the time to check out some back to school coloring pages. Browse through all the available free coloring pages for back to school and find your favorites ones. On a side note, the table of contents on the right panel can help you navigate around and quickly find other coloring sheets you may also need.

surfnetkids coloring sheets

One can click the Click to Download button to directly save the coloring pages to computer. However, sometimes you may have problem doing it and receive the Oops! Your page isn’t here message.


  • Number: 20
  • Themes: Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, etc.

One of the great things is that you can find here back to school coloring pages featuring cute cartoon characters. Compared to coloring pages of some other themes, such themes can offer a lot more fun. Each coloring page also comes with an explanation on how it may inspire or gear up your children.

Click a specific coloring page and open it. You will find two options: Print and Download. Both are super easy to operate.



  • Number: an unknown large number
  • Themes: various

On Pinterest, you can find all kinds of pictures and images including coloring pages. Open the site in your web browser. Type in back to school coloring pages in the search box and hit Enter. You will find a seemingly endless list of color pages suitable for back to school time. Below the search box, there are popular tags (2nd Grade, Preschool, Kindergarten, Free Printables, Fun, etc.) related to this topic. You can click certain tags to discover more related coloring pages or directly type in search box the specific theme you need.

search for coloring pages on Pinterest

Note that you can’t print right from Pinterest. Save coloring pages back to school to your computer first and then print them from the default image viewer on your computer, say, Preview on Mac. Alternatively, you can also find the original source of a coloring page and see if you can directly print/download it there.


  • Number: 6
  • Themes: back to school books, school building, etc.

Go to Menu > General > Back to School, and you can effortlessly find six coloring sheets created for this theme. It would be better if there could be more of them. These coloring sheets are provided in the format of PDF and are easily printable. Just click the one you need, right-click and choose Print.


Coloring pages of back to school can help kids prepare themselves for school again. In addition, parents can also get children some new supplies for the fresh school life. How do you get your children to go back to school?

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